Monday, June 1, 2009

What a great weekend

Friday, Steven and I left for the great town of Jonesboro, Ar. It’s about 4 ½ hours away, but it is well worth it to see our best friends. We were staying at Morgan’s parents house because the boys were playing in the Ridgepointe two man scramble golf tournament. Ridgepointe is the country club Mo’s parents live on and it is just beautiful. Morgan, Callie, and I spent most of the weekend laying by the pool. I was so excited for nice weather, strawberry daiquiris, margaritas, great music, and best friends. We had such an amazing time and I think the boys did too. Every once in a while we’d all three load up in the golf cart and find the boys. Steven and Tyler aka Bone played on a team together and Morgan’s boyfriend, Brad and Matt Marsh played together, and Morgan’s dad and brother played together. They all always have such a great time together. Steven did get thrown off the golf cart and landed on his tail bone. After ankle surgery in January, I wasn’t too excited about this, but all is well just a little case of a sore butt! Apparently, it was pretty funny to see, but I was still worried! Poor Steven. Saturday night we went to Ridgepointe for dinner and the Calcutta. It was a great weekend with great friends and to top it off Bone and Steven tied with another team to win their flight and they both won some money for the pro shop. They both bought some golf shirts and some golf balls… How exciting ;). I hope you all had a wonderful weekend… the weather looks so promising tomorrow you can find me at my parents pool! Woo Whoo!!
{steven, matt, brad, and bone}
{bone and steven}

{the spectators: cal, me, mo}

{before dinner saturday night}

{not the cutest, but the only one i took}


  1. sounds like you had a great weekend! You are so tan! Jealous!

  2. LOVE your cute little skirt outfit. i still think its hilarious that we bought the same skirt pretty much the same day! ha!

    we are sisters - thats for sure. love you and miss you! glad you had a great weekend.