Thursday, July 30, 2009

I miss my friends

I've been thinking a lot lately about how excited I am for my friends to come back up to school...then I really got to thinking and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Two of my best friends are NOT coming back to this great place...I just don't understand it (I mean I do, they are chasing dreams in little rock). I so miss the days of cramming into one room (when there were three bathrooms and three perfectly good OTHER rooms that could have been utilized) to get ready, waiting in line for KK to poof and fix our hair PLUS do our eye makeup, drinking a glass of wine or ridiculously strong martini before going out, nice walk or run around wilson park, or just a nice SHORT phone call about the day. These days when I talk to my friends on the phone it can't be under 20 minutes because there is SO much to catch up on. Ha..this is the same with Hannah- I swear I could talk to that girl EVERY DAY and I would still talk to her and laugh for a good 30 minutes..Thats another girl that I miss- although she lives in Fayetteville SHE IS SO BUSY!!! She is in school and working constantly and I'm always out of town on the weekends. What happened to the summers where all we did was swim and we seriously had NOTHING else to do or to even thinking about doing. We would sit on my front porch and long to be able to drive so that we could "do something" probably like go to the mall and just walk around- ha. I guess this is just a sign of the times. Soon our lives will take us all different places and we will be so busy that we won't have time to stop and think. Just want my friends to know i love them and miss them dearly! Lets have a girls weekend SOON..Please?

{my busy bff}
{mo, jac, cal, KK, me}

happy happy rainy thursday

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I heart early days

Ah... how i love when steven gets off work early! It makes me soooo happy! He usually doesn't call me until 5 saying "what are you doing? well I'm on my way home.." Today he just showed up at 1445 around 230 and my heart just about stopped! Im having a blast hanging out with him on this rainy afternoon! :) Lucky me!!!

Hope everyone had a great hump day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

As Promised...

As I promised- here is THE best summer dessert. Its not too sweet, but just the right blend of sweet and a light treat.
1 package of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough (I only use about 3/4 of it)
1 package of cream cheese
Sugar (I use anywhere from 1/4 of a cup to a little more)
Apricot preserves

I have always used a Pampered Chef baking stone and I'm not sure if you could use a cookie sheet,but I don't see why not. I spray my stone lightly with Pam then spread the cooking dough out to resemble a pizza crust. * I usually use a round pizza stone, but I only had a square one for this occasion- any shape works wonders. Bake according to sugar cooking package and let cool. Run a knife under cookie to ensure it didn't stick. Next you mix the cream cheese (softened) and sugar in a bowl (This can be done while cookie is baking). I add anywhere from 1/4 of a cup to 1/2 of a cup, it's really just to taste. Spread over cookie. Next, spread apricot preserves over the cream cheese. Then place the freshly cut fruit in a neat design. Cover and refrigerate...and ENJOY!
{the finished product}

I'm not really a "sweets" fan, but this really is such a refreshing dessert that almost everyone loves!!! Also, it seems really complicated and hard- people think you've slaved all day over it..HA!


Monday, July 27, 2009

A Birthday Bash

I apologize for the blogging hiatus. As I have reunited with my best friend Spare Time, sadly enough- Ive really had nothing to blog about. I don't think think yall would find sitting on my butt watching TV or sitting on my butt in a lawn chair the LEAST bit entertaining.. so after my family filled weekend I have a lot to talk about. Steven and I loaded up Deek and Penny Poo Girl and headed to Little Rock on Friday afternoon. Why is Penny Poo Girl along for the trip you ask? Oh.. you know- my parents are in Maine for 9 days and Steven and I will be house/ dog sitting. Anywho- the whole reason for our trip this weekend was for Steven's sweet MiMi's birthday and we were having a birthday bash for her. Some of my favorite cousins were coming to Little Rock all the way from Louisiana for MiMi's celebration. I have been looking forward to this WAAY before summer school started. Let me explain my excitement...there are two sweet little girls coming from Louisiana as well- one of which I haven't even met...whew I could barely stand myself. Steven's cousins Laura and Josh had baby girls 11 months apart...and they are SO stinking sweet. Josh's little girl is Emmery(16 months) and Laura's chubby little girl is Ava (5 months). Okay...back to Mimi's party. Steven and I got up pretty early on Saturday morning because I was making Heather's famous fruit pizza (recipe soon to follow) and HAD to go to the Little Rock Farmers Market to get some home grown Arkansas goodies to go with. We headed downtown about 9:30 to pick up some peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and the most gorgeous sunflowers for the birthday girl. The the Louisiana crew rolled into to town about noon and the party began. It is so funny to see all of them with little ones. When we first met they were all just getting married! Wow.. how the time flies. David and Laura(Ava's precious parents) own a few restaurants in LA and ALWAYS bring some delicious food for us to eat. They came bearing ribs and the biggest beef tenderloin I'd ever was SO great. We ate, drank, played with the little ones ( I was in heaven), talked and celebrated Mimi's big day. For dessert we had my fruit pizza (which was a hit BTW) and some awesome cupcakes from this new cupcake joint in the Heights. I truly love Steven's family and very rarely get to spend time with all of them. They are the most loving and FUN group of people to be around. Steven is so blessed to have grown up with this great fam! Overall, we had a great weekend and I actually gained a purpose for this week: To make Emmery and Ava some BIG Arkansas bows and some Tutus. Gotta get on it because Miss Ava's 6th month photo shoot is right around the corner!:) Hope everyone had a great weekend! And sorry I took 9.4 million pictures this weekend.

{The birthday girl}{MiMi and Steven}
{mmmm}{Emmery with her beautiful momma}{Emmery says WOO PIG!! LSU who momma???}{Baby Ava...her eyes are breath taking}{happy to be sitting in Steven's lap}{Mimi, Josh, and Emmery}{Ava with her beautiful momma}{Little Sassy Thing}

Happy birthday Mimi..hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up!!

Before I recap my fantastic weekend, I must announce the BEST news ever- I HAVE OFFICALLY FINISHED 6 HOURS OF GRAD SCHOOL. Today was my last day!! =) I couldn't be more excited and proud of what I can get accomplished in such a short period of time. We got out of school at noon and headed straight for La Huerta for lunch and two for one margaritas. It was nice to be able relax with my school friends and eat something besides a turkey sandwich. Tomorrow we are having a teacher pool party at my house! I can't wait! I'm getting up early to go to wal-mart with my momma to get some stuff to make dips and some other goodies. Ah.. its so nice to be reunited with my BFF- Spare time!! Woot Woot!
So for this weekend, I am not going to go into every single teeny tiny detail of the weekend. You can hit up Hailey or Tara's blog for the small details. I think my pictures will do most of the talkin'. As you will see from the pictures we had a really great time. We had fun time shopping, eating, drinking, swimming, laying out, drinking, eating, talking, getting ready...did I mention DRINKING? I'm really not a HUGE drinker these days, but I held my own this weekend. The pictures are pretty funny...I'll try and post some that the others haven't already.
{the cute table decorations}{the name tags I made}{Before Monica's}{Dinner at Monica's}{Hailey on stage with a tambourine}{The conga line around the restaurant- that ended with a tequila shot, no thanks}{all the girls}{the bride to be opening gifts}{ZaZa pool}{My view}{The girls sitting on our cool couch thing}{Before Sambuca}{kim, christy, hailey, tara}{Flirtini at Dragonfly}{Getting geared up for the night}{Sambuca...mmm}{Favorite picture of the weekend}{Tara REALLY wanted in the picture :)}{christy, me, tera}{the whole table}{typical}{dancing during dinner- so fun}{by the waterfall before heading to Lotus}{Hailey and I at Lotus}{best friends}As you can see from these pictures, we had a BLAST!! I think we accomplished our goal of throwing hailey the best bachelorette party she could have ever wanted.=) Hope your day was as great as mine!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Really Looking Forward to This Weekend

For those of you that follow my sister Hailey's blog, you know this weekend is her bachelorette party. At first, we thought it was going to be terrible timing because it is the weekend before my last week of school and I knew I would be pretty stressed. BUT.. lo and behold I think I have my school work pretty much under wraps..but now that I say that- it could rapidly change tomorrow. We shall see- BUT AS OF NOW...I am in dire need of a nice relaxing weekend. Although, I'm finding myself in a bit of a pickle- I have NOTHING but cute teachery clothes to wear. In a few years- this would be fine, but I am 22 and not technically ready to conform to going to a bachelorette party in a cute dress that goes below my knees. Nope, just not doing it. SO, I guess I'll try and figure something out. As of now, I am enjoying a night of having really not much to do. Finished one of my three hour course today (by turning in a 24 whooper of a paper) and now have four more days of my last 3 hours..yeee haw. Also, just cooked some din din for a sweet boy and now considering taking a sweet dog on a walk. Well I'll be leaving Friday morning to head to Hotel ZaZa in Dallas to hang out with Hailey and her frreee-anns. Well so long and fairwell!!

OH NO..WAIT... I totally forgot- I'll leave you with this..

I have a new friend...Meet Wart my pet Frog.
{he's so chubby}
He is quite possible the CUTEST thing EVER. It is SO neat. Every night right when it gets dark Wart hops up to Steven's backdoor of his patio and just sits there. If we open the door it goes over him just pefectly. We alway have the outside lights on so we're guessing its a great place to catch dinner. Wart has been living on Steven's back patio ALL summer and we've grown attached. I thought to myself last night..." cool would it be to see Wart eat a bug?" You know, like you see in the cartoons. The frog sticks his tounge out a few inches and SNATCHES the fly out of mid air right before your eyes. SO, ME- being the future elementary teacher that I am I grab a june bug and stick him right up to Wart's eyes...then I set the bug down...and just like I pictured SNNNNAAATTCH...and the rest is just history. Needless to say Wart won't be hungry for a while- I fed him every bug I could possibly find. Heee hee..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Break From the Books..

I interrupt this intense studying session to bring you the greatest news I've gotten since I started this stomach ulcer/acne mess that my teachers call "Grad School" to introduce one of my very best friend's blog.. Callie! AH.. i can't tell you how excited I am that she has a blog now. Not only is she THE most sarcastic, funny, SMART (she's in pharmacy school..duh), Martha Jr, great advice giver, did I mention hilarious?? Ah.. well honestly this blog WILL make you laugh. She is a freaking hoot! Callie and I met our senior year in high school( know you're old when you have to specify what "senior year") at Greeek Weeeekend- I knew we would be lifelong friends because we pretty much have the same sense of humor and Im pretty sad that she is moving to Little Rock to go to UAMS...hints UAMessing It Up..Haa. My ingenious boyfriend came up with the name..heee. But ANYWHO...this will be a great way to keep up with her over the next year as we adjust from being apart! :( She's moving in with her lifelong best friend...and mine too Little Morgan- yall have heard a lot about her! Well yall need to check out Callie's blog because its a guaranteed laugh and plus she's an AWESOME cook and does some really neat things! YAY Cal! Welcome to the blog world!! Now we just have to convert those other two!! :)
{haa... this is nice}{memphis for 2009}
{cal, mo, me}
{st pattys day on the beach- shall we go back?}
I must get back to the 24 page paper that I am editing...oh yeah and that test I'm "studying" for..
Only 6 more days! Woop Woop

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WOO 9 More days

Tomorrow is Friday and it honestly can't get here soon enough. I don't really know if I have taken the time to explain why starting Grad school has been a killer... Well you see- When I signed up for classes in the spring I signed up for the second session July 6-August 6, 830-1..NO BIG DEAL. I figured everyday after class my teacher friends and I would hit up 1445, do some homework, lay out, have a marg or two or three =)...really actually kind of relaxing. THEN I got the dreaded email...instead of taking the 5 weeks to do teachers wanted to CRAM it ALL in in 13 days. 13 days my friends- from 8-4. The SAME work load as a 5 week session... and that is why I got assigned a 10 page paper on Tuesday and it was due Thursday..NO FUN! I thought I might like the idea of this..but I was wrong. Steven (the sweetest boyfriend ever) keeps reminding me that it is almost done and he will help me with whatever I need. How nice! I am so lucky to have some very smart and extremely fun teacher friends that I get to spend every waking moment that- I am enjoying. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!
{one of my sweet teacher friends, Alyson}
I hope everyone has a great Friday.. I know I will be SOOOO happy when that clock hits 4! =)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Im here..barely

Just wanted to let yall know Im not dead due to Grad School... although I am SO TIRED. I have been going non stop today. My day today 8-4 was spent doing research for a Literature Review on the effects of poverty and children. And I thought it was going to be an easy topic- i was wrong. Off to read and cite...good knowing ya!

{im hating literature reviews}

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Woo Wee.. Whata Weekend

Wow, this has been one heck of a weekend...very very relaxing, but very fun. One of my favorite things to do is lay out by my parent's pool, listen to country music, drink a fruity drink or two, and be with the ones I love...and that's exactly what I did this weekend. The only ones we were missing were Hail and Matt- they were having a fun time in St. Louis, so I guess we forgive them.
I thought the terrible weather was going to ruin my only weekend in Fayetteville this summer, but I was wrong. It rained and rained until late afternoon- which gave me the perfect reason to stay in the kitchen all morning and cook my little heart out- and boy did I. Mom was preparing to have friends over and I just wanted to bake some fourth of July goodies. I had previously baked my homemade chocolate chip cookies (thank you pioneer woman), and brought them over to my parents for their festivities, but that wasn't enough. Steven suggested I make the wonderful crawfish dip that my friend Morgan's mother makes and since we had a TON of leftover crawfish tails in the freezer from my graduation crawfish boil, I thought it was a great idea. It turned out to be a GREAT hit! I'll post the recipe is a MUST HAVE for any party. I had been talking on and off all day to one of my favorite friends Callie and she was making festive "cupcake pops" from the famous i was inspired. I didn't go through the whole making them look like cupcakes process...I dubbed mine "cakeballs". I did them in a hurry and just drizzled icing over them. They were so fun and very festive. We had a great time with my parents and their friends, but made it an early night. I had my little mind set on making it to church (see, when you're never in town- you never get to go to church). I love my church.. it makes me smile! Right after church we headed straight for 1445 (my parents house) and got our swimsuit on. What a perfect day with my parents, sis and BIL, my grandparents, stevie wonder, and the CUTEST/ SMARTEST child on the earth. I won't say much...I'll let my pictures do all of the talking. I'm off to pack my lunch and go to bed early- I'm officially a graduate student tomorrow-EEEEEK!!
{me with my creations}
{my "cake pops"- if cal had a blog, im sure her's would blow mine out of the water}{me and the absolute love of my life}{I'm so lucky to have her}{the next two are for Morgan- she gave B this cute doggie purse. She LOVES IT...thank you MO!!}{wow..look at that hair}{my little rockstar before she turned into a fish}{I have never in my life seen a 2 year old jump in and go all the way under}{see why i love her so?}{so excited to pick the first zucchini}{then she preceded to use it as a microphone to sing "The Climb" by her idol Miley Cirus}{I think she's hannah Montana would have to ask her :)}

Hope everyone had a great fourth of July!