Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have a favor to ask ya...

How I love Thursdays, they are just so encouraging…like there is light at the end of the tunnel (not to mention, I start my weekends on this day! Wooo).
First and foremost, I have a HUGE HUGE favor to ask of each of you. I have a dear friend Sydney Scarborough who I have known a good portion of my life. We played softball and basketball together, but became best buds in jr. high and high school as we ran track together. We were inseparable during track season. We set a few records together (we still hold them) and received a few state championships together. She went on to run track for the hogs , graduated, and working as a social worker. She has been such a great friend through many good and bad times. ANYWAY…Miss. Sydney was entered in a modeling contest for Mason’s boutique here in Fayetteville and she is in the top three. This is no surprise to me or anyone else that knows Syd because she is naturally beautiful and is one of the nicest people you could EVER meet in your life. But if you could, please go to SHOPMASONS.COM and vote for her. She is the one on the far right. I really appreciate you doing this! You can vote more than one time too! =) Tomorrow is the last day though. Thanks so much.
{Syd is the cute one on the far right)

Just got home from Steven’s softball game, Deek and I opted out of watching the 10th million game of the “season” and went on a nice run around Lake Fayetteville. That is one of my favorite places to run in this town because it is so peaceful. Now, I’m off to pack for our little trip to Jonesboro… I can hardly wait. Tomorrow at noon, you can find me poolside at Morgan’s house with a homemade strawberry daiquiri in my hand *curtsey of Mrs. Diane! There will be no blogging this weekend, but will have plenty of pictures of our fabulous weekend!
{Ah.. pure bliss}

TGIF almost

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