Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The sun will come out tomorrow...hopefully

{hi sun, where have you been?}

I hate to say this…but I may be dreading {you heard me- dreading} summer. For starters…all it does these days is RAIN and if it is not raining, oh no worries there is barely any sunshine. I know you can still get some sun when there are some clouds, but I’m really not in to that. Second, I have just looked at my calendar of events for the next two months and there is not ONE weekend where I will be in Fayetteville. Most would consider this a great thing, but me on the other hand absolutely cherishes the Saturday and Sunday afternoons spent with my family by the pool. I’m thinking to myself “Am I going to have to get blakely every day after school so I can swim with her at all this summer!?”- ps. I would be completely fine with getting her everyday BUT I want to be home at least one weekend. Between all of our weddings, a bachelorette party, and other reasons to be out of town- my weekends are booked. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely excited about all of my future engagements, but I miss my sunshine and pool time. This weekend you can find me in Illinois for my little cousin’s wedding, next- mom and I are headed to dallas on Thursday for a MUCH NEEDED teacher attire shopping spree..=), and the next two weekends will be spent in Little Rock celebrating weddings of some dear friends. I really shouldn’t be complaining because Im pretty pumped about my jam packed weekends- maybe this is a sign that we’re getting old?
Yahoo…tomorrow is Thursday, which means my weekend is almost here!!!!

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  1. well i just want to say that i am looking forward to the two trips to dallas you have planned this summer!

    i promise they will be worth the trip and ther will be lots of sun by the pool!