Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wooo Whooo..My first award

This sweet little lady nominated me for this fun award!
Thank you Chelsea, I have really enjoyed reading your blog- its right up my alley.
Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Paste the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
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Whew.. this is going to be tough because I don't find myself that interesting. Maybe I'll enlist the help of my oh so handsome fiance to help me, maybe not though- he's been talking wedding with me all afternoon, God love him. Ok here we go...

Seven Interesting Things About Little Ol' Meee...
1. I have a blanky- you heard me... and yes, I am 23 and yes I still have her. No, no, she's not a baby blanket she is merely a piece of fabric from hancocks. I've been doing this since about ninth grade. I twist her and smell her- it is a nervous habit. If I loose her, I got get another few yards of fabric. I've had my current blanky since sophomore year in college though, so needless to say we are pretty tight.Steven doesn't LOVE her, but he embraces the fact that I have her. For those of you who are concerned-Dr. Phil said it is completely normal (no I did not contact him...he did a show on it a few years back).
2. Some would say I'm a finicky eater, but I'm really not. I just don't enjoy most things that others do. As I have gotten older I have grown to dislike many things. I HATE peanut butter, olives, cake, icing, pretty much anything sweet besides toffee, ice cream, or peach cobbler. I thoroughly dislike Thanksgiving disgusts me and I would rather eat a box a Kraft macaroni and cheese- the cheesiest kind please. I'm not a huge fan of pizza. Loved donuts for the greater portion of my life and for some reasons I can't stand to think about them. I am not a fan of breakfast food. This morning at 9 I ate a huge bowl of penne pasta I cooked last night, weird I know.
3. Getting engaged is one of the greatest things that has happened to me (meeting and loving my niece ranks up there too), but it has KILLED I mean completely stomped my motivation to do anything school related. Looking at wedding mags, talking to my sister/mom constantly, and looking at wedding blogs is FAR more interesting than applying for jobs or working on assignments.
4. I have the beeeest fiance that anyone could ever have. We have the coolest relationship and I seriously thank God every morning and night that I have him. We rarely fight and have such great communication. Instead of screaming and yelling at each other we talk through things- I love it. We have never gone to bed mad or even upset about anything one time in 4.5 years and I pray it stays that way.
5. Speaking of Steven, one of my favorite things to do it watch him talk about something he duck hunting. Often times that little hobby of his gets on my last nerves, but I love to hear him talk about it. His eyes light up, he smiles, and I really don't even listen to a word he says. But just watching him talk makes me feel like he is a little boy. I would give anything to have known my sweet man when he was little. Watching him talk about things he is passionate about makes my little heart flutter!
6. I pray every morning before I step foot on the ground.
The mornings are my least favorite part of the day (im usually exhausted and dreading school), but it is so nice and peaceful to be able to pray and start the day positively every morning.
7. I am a worrrrry waaarrrrrt! I'm not sure that is interesting, but Im running out of things to say. I worry about everything. My latest worry: When Steven and I go on our Honeymoon in 1.5 years, I'm worried about our Fur Child's feelings! REALLY HILLARY...oh my! That literally crossed my mind about three minutes ago. I'm strange. Also worrying about all the hw I HAVE to do tomorrow!! OH Goodness me!

I hope I didn't bore you to death!! Again, Chelsea thanks for giving me the award... I'm going to tag:

There ya have it folks..enjoy!! Im exciting to hear some interesting facts from you ladies!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

VOTE-VOTE-VOTE...Pretty please

Hello All! I hope your Tuesday was wonderful! The weather was SO pretty here in Fayetteville that my kiddos got to play outside for the first time in.. well I honestly can't remember when. It was a very nice treat for our kids as well as us! ANYWHO... I'm coming to ask you a BIG favor.. you see- my older sister Hailey has been nominated several times by our photographer Dale Benfield. He holds an award show for all of his brides and Hailey just happens to be nominated for 5.. you heard me...5 categories (if you've seen her pictures it shouldn't suprise you! They are phenominal). She and I both would just be tickled pink if she won at least one if you would be so kind as take a few mins to vote for my beautiful sissy! Here are the links! The voting ends the 15th so please cast your vote for Hailey!!! thank you so much!!!!!
{isn't she gorg?}

Here are the links:

for best bridal portrait:

for best dance performance:

for best wedding design:

for best leading lady:

Or you could just go to

Thank you so so much!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Twenty Ten

Wow..I'm on a roll, if I do say so myself. I'm trying to blog a few times a week (uh um.. callie)! I'm not sure how intense school will be this semester, but time will tell! With that being said...We had SO much fun on New Years this year! It was so nice to hang out with my best friends that I haven't seen in what seems like ages! It was also fun to show off my new best friend aka my ring to my girls who haven't seen it! It was nice to do something low key for once...and by no means was our New Years low key, but in comparison to years pervious this one was. We are used to the big Peabody parties or being in Dallas at a huge party for the Cotton bowl. This year I was so excited when we decided to stay at Morgan's lake house in Hot Springs, go to a nice dinner, and come back to ring in the new year. It felt SO good to be with my friends and just to enjoy each other's company! It has been really hard for me this year to only see my friends MAYBE once a month due to everyone's hectic schedules- but we make it work! They were so thoughtful to get Steven and I a cookie cake and some really sweet gifts to celebrate our engagement! I really have the best friends- be jealous! Here are some of the pictures from our fun little party for NYE! Ill let the pictures do the rest of the talking- we took A TON!!! I guess you could say we were making up for lost time! :)
{the pretty girls before dinner}

{oh how I've missed this guy}{my "fiance"- im still getting used to that word}{me and little momo}{the girls after our great dinner}{our whole group}{the cookie cake my friends got us- it was supposed to read "Congrats Hill and Steph". Steph being one of Steven's many nicknames, but instead it came out "Hill and Speph" Ha!}

{me and callie}{brad, mo, me, and Speph}{kk, mo, and me}{Jackie and Brian}{the newest addition to our crazy clan- Meet Patrick, KK's new boyfriend...we think he's a keeper}{Davy Crocket and Cal}{Bratlee and Momo- I love how Brad sported that nice headband all night}{ringing in the new year with my favorite person ever}
Just wanted to say thanks to my amazing friends for helping us celebrate this exciting time in our life. I can't wait to share this time with yall!! I loooove each of you!

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2010! Im looking forward to everything that is in store for us this year! I can just pray that 2010 is as wonderful, safe, and healthy as 2009 was! Happy Twenty Ten!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some exciting news..

I know, I know- I NEVER blog anymore.. I hate hate that, but I have been a pretty busy girl here lately. If you read a few posts down (2 to be exact) you would have known that I was SO SO excited about spending Christmas with Steven this year! I couldn't wait until the 23rd when he was finally in Fayetteville to begin our Christmas festivities. We had such an agenda for the next week, but I couldn't have been more excited. Our Christmas celebrating started with a romantic dinner at Bordino's the night Steven got into town. We had reservations at 7, but before Steven had mentioned wanting to walk around the square to look at the beautiful lights (something I have been wanting to do for fiiiiive years now...)anywho- as we left for the square it started POURING down rain and I told Steven that it really wasn't that big of a deal to not look at the lights before dinner, but he insisted and pulled out his big umbrella and we headed to the square. The square was absolutely DEAD....not a soul in sight, but then I see Dale Benfield photographing a couple in the rain.... I then said to Steven "Wow...theres a stupid couple just like us walking around the square in the rain".
{the "other" couple}
Steven then told me to turn around and I thought we were going home, he took me up some stairs and got down on one knee (insert me FREAKING here). He said some extremly sweet things and I was so excited and in such disbelief that I really don't remember much of anything he said! The rest is just history....

{checking out my ring}{realizing that steven was the guy dale is talking about here}{sooo happy}{terrible iphone picture- but.. it is SOO pretty}BUT- the most amazing part of our engagement was the fact that Steven gotten ahold of Dale to photograph the whole thing. I am so thankful for the pictures because they seriously capture our special moment perfectly and I will always have them remember our engagement.

After I called all of my friends we then went to Bordino's to be suprised (yet again). Steven had arranged for both of our families and my two closest friends to be there to celebrate with us! I honestly could not ask for a more perfect engagement. I am the luckiest and quite possibly the happiest girl in the world!

A special shout out to Dale Benfield for being one of the most thoughtful, caring, and giving (just to name a few) people that we know! The pictures are just breathtaking and give me chills everytime I look at them! We are SO beyond excited to work with you and your sweet fiance for the next...well LONG time until our big day! Thank you so much again!

Also, thank you to all of our wonderful and supportive family and friends who helped sweet little Steven make our day so special! We love you all so very much!!!