Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have a favor to ask ya...

How I love Thursdays, they are just so encouraging…like there is light at the end of the tunnel (not to mention, I start my weekends on this day! Wooo).
First and foremost, I have a HUGE HUGE favor to ask of each of you. I have a dear friend Sydney Scarborough who I have known a good portion of my life. We played softball and basketball together, but became best buds in jr. high and high school as we ran track together. We were inseparable during track season. We set a few records together (we still hold them) and received a few state championships together. She went on to run track for the hogs , graduated, and working as a social worker. She has been such a great friend through many good and bad times. ANYWAY…Miss. Sydney was entered in a modeling contest for Mason’s boutique here in Fayetteville and she is in the top three. This is no surprise to me or anyone else that knows Syd because she is naturally beautiful and is one of the nicest people you could EVER meet in your life. But if you could, please go to SHOPMASONS.COM and vote for her. She is the one on the far right. I really appreciate you doing this! You can vote more than one time too! =) Tomorrow is the last day though. Thanks so much.
{Syd is the cute one on the far right)

Just got home from Steven’s softball game, Deek and I opted out of watching the 10th million game of the “season” and went on a nice run around Lake Fayetteville. That is one of my favorite places to run in this town because it is so peaceful. Now, I’m off to pack for our little trip to Jonesboro… I can hardly wait. Tomorrow at noon, you can find me poolside at Morgan’s house with a homemade strawberry daiquiri in my hand *curtsey of Mrs. Diane! There will be no blogging this weekend, but will have plenty of pictures of our fabulous weekend!
{Ah.. pure bliss}

TGIF almost

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon +4 and Kate +4???

For those of you who aren’t addicted to Jon and Kate plus 8 and for those of you who are sick of hearing about them… please move on to your next favorite blog (ha..hailey that is for you). I have been watching this show since the moment it came on TV as a documentary when the teeny weeny sextuplets were born ( they turned 5 on May 10 WOW). I truly feel like I know these children...ha its weird. I blame it on the teacher in me…I’m pretty obsessed with it! Anyway, the season 5 premiered Monday night and left me feeling very upset. There are so many speculations and accusations that I can barely keep up with everything that is going on. All I know is that, Jon and Kate interviewed only ONCE together (which is WEIRD, they always talk together during the shows), Kate planned and prepared the birthday party by herself because Jon needed a “weekend off" I'm sorry Jon, you’re a dad…that doesn’t come with paid vacays?, reluctantly he did show up to the party in a two door sports car- mid- life crisis? You have 8 kids- I don’t deem that necessary, anywho, he did show up and the two parents barely spoke. Tear. Many people may pick Kate apart for being mean or crabby to Jon, but really never know how you would act if you had six 5 year olds and two 8 year olds. Gee Whiz! I do think she can be snappy and grouchy at times, but I would be too! As you can tell, I may picking sides but Im not a huge fan of infidelity (uh um.. jon). It just really breaks my heart to see such a large family being torn apart. I just don’t understand- how can you get a divorce with 8 kids…is that possible. Jon will go bankrupt paying child support! Whew! Well that’s all for now.. I’ve gotta go catch Ryan Secrest to see what E! News says about my family of 10!
Hope you had a great hump day

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aunt Hill to the Rescue

Heather and Martin have been in Florida since Thursday with friends enjoying a long memorial day weekend. I got a phone call from heather at about 11 this morning. She said “Hey hill, B’s teacher just called and said she’s having a bad day. She is really sad and misses us pretty bad. Is there any way you could pick her up early today?” Little did she know, I had already planned on it. But I immediately took Steven’s dog {deek- will introduce at a later post} on a walk, put some dishes in the dish washer, and got ready. I went and picked her up and she was still taking a nap, but I just couldn’t wait. As soon as she woke up she started balling because she was so happy to see me. We then proceeded to go to Maggie Moo’s for some cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears on top {sick}, a coke {sorry Heather, the girl had a bad day}, a trip to Wilson Park, then to grandma’s for a blue popsicle, and the first SWIM of the year in grandma and grandpa’s pool!

Gee Whiz… does Aunt Hill know how to fix a bad day?? =)
{bebe's first summer at the pool}

Hope your day was as great as mine

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Morgan and Karen!

I’ll start with Karen first. Karen is Steven’s momma and one of the most dedicated moms in the world. I was so worried when I went to meet Steven’s parents a long 4 years ago, I didn't know what to expect. When i met her I was so relieved. She was so sweet and I knew we would get a long great. She has an amazing family in which they have all invited me in with loving arms! I’m not going to reveal how old she is, but I PROMISE you would never guess because she looks like she is in her 30's! =) Im so jealous of the jeans steven's little sister is blessed with!! Well Karen, happy birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day! I love you!

{me, karen, and Steven's cousin Laura at Steven's 21st birthday party}
{Twinkies at their farm one weekend}
Now on to my dear friend Morgan. Morgan and I met our senior year of high school during Greek Weekend here in Fayetteville. I fell in love with this little sweet and sassy girl. We both pledged Tri Delt our freshman year and lived together for two years. She is one of the most beautiful people I know and not to mention she has a GREAT personality. She is always willing to tell you exactly how she feels and gives some great advice. ALSO, Morgan has the BEST style and cutest clothes of anyone I know. The other great thing about Morgan and my friendship is that our boyfriends are best friends. I actually introduced Mo to her boyfriend Brad and they are SO cute together. So, we always get to spend time together, which I love. This last weekend we were at her lake house in Hot Springs and next weekend we are going to stay at her parent’s house in Jonesboro because the guys are playing in a golf tournament. I am pretty bummed because she is moving to Little Rock to pursue a big girl career, but hopefully I will see her on the weekends! It’s hard to believe this time last year we were in Vegas celebrating her 21st birthday! Whoa, how time flies. Happy 22 birthday Mo! I love you

{sophomore year}

{junior year}
{Tao in Las Vegas}


{Spring Break 2009}

{Howl at the Moon- Destin, Fl}

Happy Birthday to theses two fabulous women!

PS. Happy birthday to my future BIL's dad- Greg!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I love being an aunt

I told you I would create an entire post for my favorite little person in the entire world.. so here it is! Words could not express the excitement I felt inside when I found out my sister was pregnant. I couldn’t wait until that little “baby Swope” would be born. It almost killed me that they weren’t finding out what she was, so the anticipation built. She was born on November 12, 2006 at about 3:08 in the afternoon. I had my ear on the door listening for any hints of a boy or a girl… I heard Dr. Seal say “It’s a SHE” and I freaked out! I ran back in the lobby and patiently waited for mar to come out and deliver the amazing news. She was beautiful…or so we thought. HA now looking back she wasn’t THE cutest baby on this earth, but man I thought she was. She has grown from this teeny weeny little baby to a sweet and sassy 2 ½ year old. She is so wise beyond her years I can’t even explain to you… here are some of the things she has been up to lately…

{her biggest fans}

{a precious 5 months}

  • “Grandma, do you have an itouch at your house?” yes she is 2 and has an itouch but her dad won it at a meeting! =)
  • “hillary can you get Lady GaGa Pokerface on my itouch please?” She sings “can eat mine can eat mine, no you can eat my poker face” PRECIOUS
  • Now she can fully operate her itouch, watch movies and tv shows by herself. The bad part is she can also fully work my iphone. This doesn’t seem all bad until she gets done eating cake or something sticky; it takes me 30 minutes to clean it off.
  • One of her very favorite songs is “That’s not my name” by The Ting Tings. Her favorite part being “Mary Jolesia” she just sings and laughs.
  • She has had the same boyfriend for a year..his name is Leo Bradley “Lelo Brrradleeey
  • because she is so smart she has moved into the primary class at her school which is with 4 year olds.. tear
  • She loves the Tri-Delt house…and loves to sing the tri-delt songs
  • Her teacher says that they will be playing in the classroom and she will look over and B is sitting in a chair and has the rest of the kids sitting on the carpet. She is reading them books.
  • She can spell her name “BLAKELY” and says it like “BLAKE- CAA-LEE
  • She can count to 10 or higher in Spanish
  • She knows all of her colors in Spanish and many times you will hear her talking in Spanish. That wasn’t my finest moments in school, so I couldn’t tell you what she’s saying
  • She loves to play with worms aka “Squirms”
  • When I’m at her house and have to leave she says “Don’t leave Hill-da-wee”. Melts my heart and I end up staying
  • She has been obsessed with Steven since birth…when she was about 6 months she would just smile and giggle. Now, she wants to play with him all the time. He’s great with her!

You will be hearing more and more of this little girl because she literally consumes my life. It’s the weirdest thing because my love for this child started the moment I laid my eyes on her that day in the hospital. I can’t imagine the love I will feel for my very own child? It blows my mind!! I can’t wait to see her on Monday!! Yippeeee.

I’m so blessed.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday my sister called me pretty excited because she knew my FAVORITE little singer in the world Taylor Swift also known to me as Tay Tay will be in Dallas September 25! If you haven't bought or downloaded her new CD Fearless you are missing out!! I am a HUGE fan of her and have already met and seen her my sophomore year, but I HAVE to see her again. I mean I used to be a huge fan of Rascal Flatts and I met them once and saw then 6 times! Ha.. But anyway! Tickets went on sale this morning at 10 and due to my sleeping in I didn't get online to buy them until 1045 and they are SOLD OUT? Well, honestly they may not be sold out but I sure as heck can't get through on the tickmaster website. So I think to myself.. Uh.. Stubhub. com, surely they'll have some. Maybe a teeny more expensive, but she's worth it. She is NOT worth $1,995 smokes for ONE ticket..ha! Hopefully the website is just busy and maybe I'll be able to get some soon!!! Well I'm off to Little Rock for the night and then to Lake Hamiliton on Saturday to spend the weekend with my best friends!!! Can't wait! Be safe and enjoy your weekend!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well Hello There!

Okay, so I’ve finally done it, created a blog! My sister Hailey created a blog a few months and we were all skeptical and when I say “we” I mean my oldest sister Heather and myself. Out of the three sisters, Hailey has always been the most technologically sound one and so I thought this was fitting of her. I have never heard of a blog before I got “addicted” to hers. I would read it every single day during class and almost laugh out loud at some of the outrageous things that girl says. After becoming a faithful follower of many blogs and with my new found love called “spare time” (Master’s program doesn’t start up until July), I have taken the plunge and created my own.

So I will give you a little run down… I was born and raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas and quite honestly don’t ever plan on leaving. I love the small college town feel and did I mention I’ve lived here my whole life? My college friends joke that I have lived in the same square mile my entire life, which is entirely true. I grew up in a wonderful home right off of Razorback Road (for those of you not Hog fans, I live directly off campus) and lived there until I moved in the Tri Delta house which is about a quarter mile from my house. I lived in that big green house for two wonderful years until I moved back home to live with my parents. I am most definitely a home body and proud of it. I have the best family EVER! My dad and mom are the most amazing parents and role models that I have ever met. They have been together for almost 34 years.. WOW!!

(heather, me, hailey)

*this picture isn't too swell of Heather, but she's BEAUTIFUL

I have two older sisters Heather and Hailey. They are both very successful business women- I will not be following down their cubical loving lifestyle… but I commend them for that. Hailey is getting married October 3, 2009 and we are all getting very excited for her wedding. My soon-to-be BIL is Matt Hinz.. he’s from.. well I don’t really know where. I know he loves the Minnesota Vikings, so I’ll take an educated guess and say that is where he is from. Geeze.. I think he has lived a million places. Heather is married to Martin, who I adore. God put him on this earth to marry my sister because she is a handful and he handles her OH so well. Ahh.. and to my very favorite part of my amazing family- Blakely Katharine, Heather and Mar’s only little angel. Blakely is a red headed 2 ½ year old that has the most amazing blue eyes and beautiful skin. She is THE smartest two year old out there… I would be willing to put her in a contest of some sort. She is the absolute love of my life and I can’t imagine my life without her. I will dedicate a whole post about her in the near future.

(the sweetest girl in the world)
Another important person in my life would be my sweet boyfriend. Some may say the same things about Steven as I do Martin, apparently I’m a handful at times…who would have thought??=) Steven and I met our freshman year and have been inseparable ever since. He is SO laid back and relaxed and I’m the complete opposite…that’s why we get along so well. He is such an amazing person inside and out. People say that all the time, but he really is! He will be graduating in December with his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering…(he’s super smart…another one of our opposites) I am so proud of him as this is usually a five year program! GO Steven! Well those are the people who are near and dear in my life!
Me and Steven
Have a great Friday… I’ll be laying out by the pool!! I love you spare time!