Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding Planning?

Many of you have been asking me how my wedding planning is going? And I must say- it is going pretty well, but is kind of at a stand still. I feel like I have done A LOT and now I'm just working on some little details....BUT a huge detail with hopefully (keeping my fingers and toes crossed) will be sealed up tomorrow. Yep, that's right folks I will hopefully be purchasing my wedding dress tomorrow!!!!! I am SO excited that I have told myself all week I not think about it because I knew I wouldn't sleep! Ha.
I am heading to Brinkley, Arkansas to the best place to "Say Yes to the Dress" in the South. Low's is an old plantation home with 25,000 square feet of display area and over 60 of the world's best known wedding dress designers.
I have been to Low's several times and they only allow you to take four people with you. SO, (of course) I asked my two sisters if they would want and (even more important) be ABLE to take off work to accompany me and my mom to find my dress. I made sure they knew that if they couldn't it wasn't a big deal and I promise my feelings wouldn't be hurt. They BOTH were ecstatic and immediately took off work (PS I have the best family- be jealous). and Get this- Hailey is even FLYING into Little Rock and mom, heather, and I are going to scoop her at the airport on our way to Brinkley! How great?

I'm very very excited and hopefully I'll have some exciting news to share (no details- sorry) when I return! Can't wait!!!!
{Low's- isn't it unique??}

Hope everyone has a great Thursday....this week has FLOWN for me and I hope it has for you too!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

For those of you who don't know- this little girl is going to be a BIG SISTER!!!! So, what better to practice with than a teeny tinnny Ernie?? This little girl is smitten with our look alike kitten!!
{we swaddled him}
{worked on "holding his bottom"}{baby E is getting tired}{I looove hill's dog}{we practiced holding him like a sweet baby}{we talked about what you do when the squirm...ha}{she was in heaven}{love}{we even took baby E on some boogie board rides}

After seeing Blakely nurture and love on little Ernie, we all knew she was going to be the greatest big sister on the planet! She's such a little helper as well as a little mommy!! We cannot wait until the birth of Little Baby Swope (sex unknown- I hate my sister right now). September 25th cannot get here fast enough!!!! Hope everyone is having a great "hump day".

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are no longer a family of three

I'd like you to meet Ernie, the newest edition to our sweet little family! He is a 2 pound 10 week old Chorkie. For those of you unaware of "hybrid" little dogs, let me explain. Ernie's mama was Yorkie and his daddy was a Chihuahua. So, there ya have it "Chorkie". I've been wanting a little dog for quite some time. What better time than now? Right? heehee. We got him last week and couldn't be more happy and excited to be raising this little guy!!! He has such a fun personality. He is SUCH a ball of energy, but he also sleeps A LOT. Here are a few pictures from his first week.
{Welll hello there!}

{Ernie loving his new bed and blankey}

{exploring by the creek in our backyard}{sratching on his ever so hated collar}{laying in the "tall" grass- it was just mowed}{running wild}{chewin a stick}{as for this guy? he's wrapped around his little paw}{as for this guy??? Momma and daddy stilll adore and dote on him A LOT. He likes his little brother, but is unsure of his size}

More pictures to come very very soon!!! Hope everyone had a productive and safe Tuesday!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Festive Weekend in Pictures

Our Fourth of July was filled with food and family!! It was a blast and Ive managed to not get a single picture of ANYONE except Blakely (which, if you know me- you would know I am 110% alright with that). Well I'll stop rambling and let the pictures do the talkin'.
{she's been waiting all summer for the PERFECT time to pick mom's tomatoes}

{she was so excited }{we did some swimmin'}{some dancin'}{some story tellin'}{some more singin'}{she is hysterical}{singing Justin Bieber if I had to guess}{love that smile, melts my heart}

I really hope your holiday a fun as mine was!!! Today my mom and I just layed around while Steven and my dad went golfing!!! Remember! Come back for a sweet little announcement!!!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!!!!

Today, our little family will be spending the day at my parent's pool. Although, it is not sunny we will still enjoy our time together on this beautiful holiday.
My parents are cooking out for the day and
I am making some of these:one of these bad boys

some of these patriotic beauties
and last but not least, my favorite- a patriotic spin to my fruit pizza!!!!

I hope you all have a blessed Fourth of July full of friends and wonderful family! We are missing two members of our family on this holiday, but I'm sure they have some fun party planned!
Come back on Tuesday because I will be introducing someone verrry special!!!!:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Wells

Last weekend we traveled all the way to Jonesboro to see our friends Hilary and Robert get hitched. It was pretty fun because it was the first wedding that ALL of my best college friends would be able to come to one wedding and celebrate. The wedding was beautiful and we again, could not be more excited for our two friends!!! Here are some pictures from the wedding.
{mo, me, and kk at mo's house before the wedding}{the whole group minus a few}
{Steven and I before the wedding} {beth and me}
{kk, jac, and me}{me and Bone}
{best friends}{at the reception}{steven and his fraternity "big brother" Joe}{me with my sorority "big sister" Whitney}{cal, hil, and hill. She was absolutely stunning and so happy}{steven, Robert, and bone}
{a little after party, we were wooorn out!!!!}

Another successful wedding where we gathered many ideas and much advice for our coming day! Hilary and Robert are still on their honeymoon....ahhh!! Can't wait!!!!

David and Laura Hum

I know! I've been a terrible blogger here lately! I've been SO SO SO busy and I have SO much to catch you up on!! First, we'll journey all the way back to June 19th. Our dear friends David and Laura got married. It was pretty special for us because this was the very first couple that has gotten married that we have known since they started dating. They started dating a couple of months after Steven and I did, so needless to say it was very "real" and exciting for us. Steven was an usher (hence the tux) and I was in Laura's house party (hence the black dress). Here are pictures from the WONDERFUL evening. They used the band we are using, so it was even more exciting for us to dance the night away to the band that will be playing at our wedding! Yippie!!!

{here we are on the trolley that drove the wedding party everywhere on Saturday. I love this picture because look at bride and groom in back. Laura is SO excited/ anxious and David is yawning!)

{me and the glowing bride before she said "i do"}{s and I as soon as we got to the reception...drink please. It was the hottest day of 2010}

{some of my sorority sisters}{Steven and the groom}{dancing the night away and taking many notes}{clancy, me, and julie}
{Mrs. Hum getting down!!!!}{me with the future in-laws}{LOVE this pic. Virginia and Me, but look at Wes in the background. HA}{me and jules again}We had such a wonderful time and could not be more excited for the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. David Hum.