Monday, February 22, 2010

why do you love me today?

Instead of doing my homework, I'll share my latest. For the last 4.5 years I always ask Steven "tell me something you love about me?" Lately I've started telling steven something I loved about him that day....not something I've loved about him for 4.5 years, but something today! It makes us stop and think of something one of us did or said that day that made us happy or smile! Sounds cheesy, but you should give it a try. Today I loved Steven because I was sick at work and he hugged me for a looong time and cooked me dinner! He loved me today because I smelled good (not sure how bc Im sick...but still its the thought that counts right??) I love Steven every minute of everyday, but its nice to hear a different reason everyday! XOXO
{i love him}

Thanks to the OH so talented Dale and Meredith for these pics! Hope everyone has a fantastic week! Hopefully I'll get the stamina to post some more this week! Love....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Much Needed Relaxing Weekend!!!

This week has kicked my butt... a ton a stuff going on at school and its so nice to be laying on my couch totally engrossed in the Winter Olympics and sipping on some OJ. With my busy week at school, horrible timing for my Lent decision- no coke, dr. pepper, mt. dew...NO soft drinks for 40 days. If you know me what-so-ever you know I drink at LEAST three a day. I know- its TERRIBLE for me, but honestly that is about my only bad or unhealthily habit I have. So I'm trying to kick it for forty days and then maybe more than that.
On a side note- Steven are completely obsessed with anything Olympic. I kid him by saying if I could have the theme song for the Olympics for my ring tone year around- I would. We LOVE the games. Both of us were pretty athletic/ competitive growing up, so its just fun to be able to watch them for two weeks straight. ANYWHO. I was thinking about 4 years ago we would go to Steven's dorm room to watch the Winter Olympics in 2006. We had been together for about 6 months and now we're engaged watching the 2010 Winter Olympics. We have accomplished so much in those four years! It is so weird! I asked Steven "What do you think we'll be doing during the 2014 Winter Olympics?" Quote words "Probably sitting on our couch, in a new house, with a......" I was thinking BABY?? and he says "With a new duck hunting boat in the back yard!!" Spoken like a true duck hunter. Oh my...
{man..what a great sight}

{ahh.. Lindsey Vonn in her Gold Glory}

hope you are having a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Days

Yippie! I've had TWO, yes TWO snow days this week! Monday is when I have class at the UofA (which still held classes), but my professor lives in MO and didn't want to risk the weather later on in the day. CHA-CHING- Snow day for me. I was ready for school today, but it was called off due to a layer of ice on the roads (yes, please)..hee I'm such a child. I've have completely enjoyed/soaked up every minute of the last two days! Since Steven is still in school finishing up a minor, we really enjoyed our lazy days off together. We were thinking these might be the last "snow days" we acutally get to have together...we all know that my snow days will never cease, but a civil engineer doesn't get snow days! HAAA... I love it! Anywho, Monday morning I made a huge pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup, the perfect thing for a snowy day. Then Steven, Deek, and I suited up and headed to the slopes. Steven lives on a golf course with a HUGE hill...we had such a great time! I really enjoyed hanging out with the two of them and not being on a constant schedule!
{look how beautiful..not us silly..the snow ;)}

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow as much as we did! Stay warm and have a great week...just in case you didn't know tomorrow is my Monday..heehee!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Life Lately- in pictures

NWA has been hit with a TON of snow, which is A-OKAY with me for a few reasons: 1. the joy of being a teacher...SNOW DAYS and 2. The joy of being an intern- not having to make up the snow days for once! YAY...bring 'em on! So in honor of our snow days Bebe and I got out to enjoy her first big girl snow!!
{b had a big booboo on her nose a week earlier}

{such a cool niece}

Helped host a engagement party for one of my best friends Lindley! We also bought her wedding dress a few weeks ago! I have pictures of the beautiful gown, but I cant show!!

{Lin and I at her party}{the future Shaffers}{me and the fiance}{older sister, Heather, celebrated her birthday}Hailey and Matt came in to go to the fun, fresh, and fabulous award show, The Benny's! It was SOO much fun! Dale and Mere really know how to throw a party and they are just such fun and giving people! Thank you so much guys for letting us be a part of it! We loooove yall!
{the happy little benfield couple}{the award winners}
Okay, lets on our agenda. A much needed night out with some of my best friends!

{Jacquelyn, me, and KK}{went to a few razorback basketball games with this sweetheart}{The Swopes}Ahhh... and yesterday the Kindergarten at Root Elementary celebrated the 100th day of school. If you know me what-so-ever you know my love for dressing up for different events, so Amanda (fellow kindergarten intern and friend) and I decided to get decked out. I made shirt with 100 sparkly pom poms on it (you can only see one 0, but i promise its there). I also made pompom bobby pins for my hair, earrings, and bracelets! Amanda put 100 buttons on her shirt! We played the part very well and had fun doing it!

{Amanda and me in front of the awesome 100's day quilt that the whole kindergarten made during math one day.}{Me dressed up with my sweet kiddos}

There you have it life for the last few weeks. I missed a few events due to my camera was being fixed. My friend Jacquelyn (pictured above) got engaged last Friday durng the snow storm! We are very excited for her and Brian and can't wait for the wedding!! Hope everyone is well! I'm preparing for the next "big snow storm" to come our way!! Stay warm!