Monday, June 21, 2010

Its that time again!

Summer!! Time for me to make my favorite thing ever!!! Fruit Pizza! The fruit is in season and very refreshing on this verrrry hot summer day! As we speak my sugar cookie pizza crust is baking on my new pampered chef baking stone. Steven helped me cut some fresh fruit and we're about to be in business. Tonight Steven and I are going over to my parents to cook dinner! I'm making them Mexican Pizza and coincidentally my Fruit Pizza!! I will post pictures sometime this week!
Thank you so much for those of you who were praying/ thinking of my last week! I really appreciate it!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A request

Long time no talk.. Ive been a little busy lately, but I promise it will be back in motion soon than later!
Just a quick request- If you could, do you think you could send some prayers my way? I would greatly appreciate the thoughts over the next couple days!! Thanks so much, it means a lot!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

One year from today....

One year from today...

I will be arriving at my beautiful church.

My dad will be walking me down this aisle, to meet my favorite person.
One year from today...
Our vows will be exchanged and we will arrive at our receptionand walk inside to the most amazing and memoriable party of our lives.
We will celebrate alongside our family and friends,
and luckily these two will capture every single memory.After our party is over, we will go to the Inn at Pratt Place,and stay the night in this wonderful room.We will wake up the next morning and reminisce on the memories that were made.Then we will say goodbye to family and friends and hop a plane to Jamaica to continue our celebration...

One year from today....

Marks the day that I've been waiting for for 6 years. The day I will marry my best friend. The day we will celebrate with every single family member and friend. The day that will be celebrated for as long as I will remember!

(picture credits the great benfield photography)

Appointments, Appointments

This week has been full of calling and scheduling wedding appointments. Its actually starting to feel "real". Still very far away, but its starting to actually happen. I have an appointment almost EVERYDAY next week just to discuss ideas and details. Eek. And to my surprise- I'm actually getting into this.
Looking back on this time last year, I was just starting my Master's program and stressing out immensely. NOW, I am talking to my florist and picking out bridesmaid dresses. How how life changes in one single year!
You know how strongly I feel about a blog post without pictures, so I will leave you with several UNrelated pictures from here lately.
{me and blakely in the car on the way to dinner one night}

{blakely and her oh so preggers momma}
{my little mermaid}
{swimming lessons are a BLAST}
{first tap recital- girl has got some moves}{she was a lion}{couldn't not post one of my other fav person...yep next to a hot dog stand}Come back tomorrow for a muy muy MUY exciting post (I mean I might be a tad bias)
Hope you had a fantastic day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Amazing Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Honestly, I felt like a young child on Christmas Eve. I was so very excited to spend a weekend with my best friends I could barely stand myself. It sounds queer, but when you spend almost every single day with these girls and then suddenly they are ripped from your life to begin the next chapter in their life- it is SO very hard. So, as I mentioned before I was ecstatic to spend the weekend at the lake with my girl frands! Honestly though, it isn't JUST my girls that I miss so dearly, its our entire posse! We've all been very blessed with boyfriends who are friends and it was so nice to finally be reunited again. It was like we were not even apart for a day- As I've said many times, God has blessed me with amazing friends. Anyway I'm rambling...We stayed at my friend Morgan's lake house and had a wonderful time. We ate well, drank well, and just enjoyed each others company. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talkin'.
{my sweet fiance and me out in Hot Springs}{me, callie, KK,Lauren, and Morgan}{us girls just talking and sippin' on some summer drinks}{Gosh I've missed this}{On the lake}{As you can tell, the party is getting started :)}{boys soakin' up some sun and reminiscing on college days}{my sweet sweet mo}{Me and bone truly enjoying being reunited}I hope your Memorial Day Weekend was as blessed as mine was!! I have oh so thankful for the men and women who have made it possible to live freely in this country!!

Red Drank

Let me tell ya about one of my favorite summertime drinks...I like to call it "red drank". For those of who do not know what "red drank" is- it is tropical punch kool aid. I LOVED it as a child and I LOVE it as an adult, but really only in the summer. When Memorial day rolls around and I I dont a pitcher of red drank in the refrigerator , there is something wrong. Two of my very best friends share the same obsession for the beloved childhood drink, Morgan and Callie. You can ALWAYS count on opening up their fridge and seeing a nice cold pitcher of red kool aid. Ahh as we speak I am drinking a nice cold and very refreshing class!! Yippie, i guess summer is officially here in my book. Come back tomorrow for my Memorial Weekend Post.