Monday, June 8, 2009

First wedding down and puppy dog tears

This weekend was a blast and went by in a hurry! My mom, dad, and steven headed up to Illinois for my cousin, Hannah’s, wedding. The wedding was beautiful and so was she. I think she has the prettiest complection out of anyone I know. She is always so bronze looking.. I love it! It was nice to spend time with family and I finally got to meet my other cousin’s fiancé, Chris. He was so nice and it was great to finally meet him. Anyway, Hannah was absolutely stunning…here are a few pictures of her on her big day.
{hannah was glowing}
{mr. and mrs. bragg}-----------------------------------------------------------
On a completely different note, I miss my dog. Well, he’s not technically MY dog, but he might as well be. Deek is Steven’s 7 year old best friend/ only child/ Labrador Retriever. Since Steven has moved into his new house he FINALLY got to bring his baby to live with him in Fayetteville, but Deek had to go back to his grandparent’s house (steven’s parents) because we were out of town this weekend. Boy do I miss this dog, 4 years ago I would never imagined I would be saying this. Deek used to hate me and the feeling was mutual. He was SO jealous of me and didn’t want me anywhere near his BFF (literally). He would bark, jump, and nibble my clothes to get me away from Steven. About 6 months into our relationship, Deeky Doo started to realize that when Steven came home from college I would be there too. Now, we are INSEPERABLE. Wherever I go – Deek follows. Steven will take him outside to throw the ball and Deekers will stand at the back door looking for me… I love this dog and miss him dearly. LUCKILY… I will see this 94.5 lb of black furry love Sunday and I CAN’T WAIT!!!
{family pic..ha}
{how adorable}

{such a great retriever}

{deek's favorite past time- hunting}
What a beautiful day today turned out to be.. hope you enjoyed it!

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