Thursday, June 25, 2009

I was on the phone with Brad the Apple guy

I just turned to Steven and said “Do you think this will be like when Elvis died? Do you think Neverland will be like Graceland one day?” its something to think about. As I did when I was a child- I asked my mom “Where were you when Elvis died” and she knew. If and when my child asks me “Do you remember where you were when Michael Jackson died?” “Well sweetheart…” I would have to tell my child that I spend 2 ½ hours (literally…not exaggerating) on the phone with the Apple guy trying to figure out my phone- needless to say we had to restore my settings on my phone..ugh. ANYWAY… He was telling me step by step what to do next and then I hear “Uh..Uh.. OH NO.. this can’t be true..Im checking CNN!!!” and since we’ve been talking for quite some time now I said “Brad..what is wrong?” “I just found out Michael Jackson is dead, he died of cardiac arrest.” So, I will never forget how I found out about this tragic event. My prayers are with the families and friends of both Michael Jackson and the beautiful Farrah Fawcett. What a tragic day for Americans. After watching CNN for about an hour- we decided we needed to get out of the house and stop thinking about this weird day. Steven, Deek, and I went on the most relaxing walk around the neighborhood and down this new nature path that winded around two ponds and in and out of wild flowers- just gorgeous. We talked about the day and what we remembered about both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett- Of course Steven knew so many more facts about both of them than I could shake a stick at…that’s typical! Then we were hot and sweaty so we jumped in the car and went straight to IceManCometh. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this amazing place- it is THE best snow cone joint in Fayetteville. It’s located next to the hobby lobby parking lot- pure bliss. We got two medium tiger’s blood with cream and then headed home happy as clams. We then got our swimsuits on, grabbed Deekers, and headed straight for the pool. The lights weren’t working for some reason, so we swam in the dark under the stars. It was AMAZING…the sky is so bright and beautiful. We also saw two shooting stars- which OF COURSE I thought was ironic due to the events of the day…and OF COURSE Steven laughed at me. And now we find ourselves sitting on the couch starring at the CNN Special “Remembering Michael Jackson”. These two will be in our thoughts and prayers for the days to come.
I give a Shout Out to my big sister Hailey- One of my greatest memories of MJ would be Hailey and a friend practicing some sort of dance routine in our front yard every morning before school. They were performing to “Black and White” by Michael Jackson in our elementary school talent show- I don’t think they took home any medals.
I will also give a Shout Out to my BFF Hannah- we use to JAM out to Jackson Five cassette tape in the blue stallion for seriously years…great memories!

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