Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Very Proud Girlfriend

Let me tell you, I am one proud girlfriend these days! Steven took an 8 hour long test back in April. Literally, the boy was at the testing center at the U of A from 730-5 with a little break for lunch. This test is called the "FE" or Fundamentals of Engineering. This is similar to lawyers taking the LSAT or wanna-be pharmacists taking the PCAT (except those only last 4 hours). Anywho...As I picked my handsome boyfriend up that Saturday afternoon at 5...his look was not promising. He told me he'd probably be taking it again in October (meaning the poor thing didn't think he did that well). So we have been anticipating the news- he knew if he got a big packet in the mail= no bueno and a little letter meant he passed. Well Steven found out online on Friday that he passed with flying colors! I couldn't be more happy or relieved for him. WOO WHOO! Go Steven! This is the first step to becoming a Civil Engineer!! A few of his peers weren't as we are tickled to death that he passed the first time. I DID NOT want him to have to take it again in October. Knowing our luck he'd be taking on Hailey's wedding or something- and that would have gone over like a lead balloon! I just wanted to brag on my favorite person because not only is he the smartest person I know, he is also a hottie!! :) Well Congrats Steven!! I am SOO proud of you and I love you!


{D-Mac...he's such a good sport}

{Delta Disco Divas}

{Valentines Day 2009}

{Ultimate 80's}


Cheers to you Steven!! I love you!


  1. congrats to your bf! Yall are so cute together!

  2. Great news for Steven!! He deserves it he is a hard working young man

  3. Congradulate Steven for us.. he's a hard working young man, he is a great young man