Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Dear Friend Bone

Tomorrow is one of Steven and my best friends 22nd birthday. We met Bone in college, as Steven and him are in the same fraternity. They lived together in the Kappa Sig house sophomore year and then moved into a house off of Dickson with 3 other fraternity brothers and just recently moved out. Bone is such a character and we cherish every moment we spend together. He is ALWAYS in a great mood and ALWAYS willing to have a good time. He may be the funniest person I have ever met in my entire life. Besides being funny, he is extremely smart- he got a scholarship to law school in Little Rock. We were SO excited for him when he received the news, but it was pretty bitter sweet. This meant he would be leaving Fayetteville and moving back home to Sheridan, Arkansas (right outside of LR). Besides pretty much being a member of the McChristian family, my little Blake is IN LOVE with him.

Yesterday she was on her “phone” and I asked her:
Me: Blake who ya talking to?
Blake: Bone, I’m asking him to come swim at my house.
Another great Blake/Bone comment: (Driving past the Tri-Delt house)
Blakely: “Hillary, bone LOVES the tridelt house..”
Me: This is very true blake, he does!
Ha.. bone has been known to love many a tri delt.. haa
I have so many funny memories with Bone, but one of my most recent favs would be on our Spring Break trip to Destin. We were so excited because Corey Smith (one of our favorite singers) would be in Destin while we were there. We went to see him and the concert was GREAT. Bone and I danced the night away and our dance moves got a little off balance and we fell to the ground. HA.. we took a few strangers with us..needless to say they weren’t too happy.

{this is when we fell..see the girl in the blue sitting on top on my head?}

{this is the next picture...we are in the middle of a HUGE crowd}

{we are in disbelief. A big thanks to Steven for capturing this moment}
{one of the cabs home in Destin.}

{on the beach}

{my 21st birthday}

{Memphis ringing in 2009}

{one of our last nights out in Fayetteville}


{sad enough..even more typical}

Steven is headed down to spend the weekend with him and they are playing in the “Jack”. This is Sheridan Country Club’s golf tournament the boys play in annually.

Happy Birthday bone.. please be safe and we

love you

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  1. i still like the story when blakely put bone in "timeout" at your graduation party.

    a guy in dress pants and a tie - sitting crosslegged in a wraught iron chair. being bossed around by a sassy 2 yr old! priceless!