Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Randon Thoughts/Worries

I am literally soaking up every bit of summer I have left- exactly 5 more days. I can't believe that I will be starting my Master's in 5 days... it seems like just yesterday I was counting down the days until college orientation. Where has the time gone? In 5 days I will be hitting the books hardcore until May 6th, 2010 and then I will officially done with school. Starting Monday I will be in school from 8-4 with a teeny tiny lunch break- this means I need to hit up Wally World ASAP to get some goodies to fill up my cute new lunch box!=)
{my super cute lunch box}That is one thing that excites me about my master's. Having to pack a healthy lunch and being on a schedule (the kid's schedule) as to when I eat lunch everyday will be AWESOME. No more snacking all day long. Another thing that excites me is my new planner I just purchased with two of my teacher friends (yes, we realize we are dorks). Ah.. my planner, a good pen, and my multicolor sticky notes will in fact get me through the next year.
{ahh academic planners...bliss}
{this is what my stickys will look like next week- except bright teal}If you know me what-so-ever, you know I am stressing right now about the unknown- this is the main reason of this post- to vent my anxiety about next week/ next year. Our professors have given us absolutely NO insight into our Master's program... the only thing we know are the horror stories we have been hearing from the Master's students who were in summer session 1. Paper after paper, multicultural philosophies, and endless case study analysis... to me, this sounds like a stomach ulcer waiting to happen. Ugh- I'm going to start taking my "anti-ulcer" meds TODAY! Haa.. I'm such a worry wart. Why couldn't I be like Steven, AKA the MOST laid back person on this earth? He worries about little to nothing on a daily basis- me on the other hand, I'm already worrying about May 6, 2010. I'm worrying about not being able to find a job.. AH- that is just ONE of my worries! =) Well I hope I didn't stress anyone out by this post...I sure do feel better! Ha.. I'm going to transfer my birthdays and important dates from my old planner to my new..YAHOO!!


  1. ahhh the excitement of filling out a new planner! Love it!!

  2. hillary - you are a nut case!

    but think - you can blow off some major steam and stress in just 16 days when you come to dallas for my bach party! woo hoO!

  3. Girl I am going to buy you the biggest drink EVER in dallas haha : ) That lunch box is super cute btw

  4. Love your blog, I am a new follower! Where did you get your planner and lunch box! Good luck in school!