Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Have I Been Up to Lately?

Bows, Tutus, and more bows
I have had to best time making bows and tutus for Steven's cousins babies, Emmery and Ava...and of COURSE that sassy red head that I love so much. Ava is having her 6 month pictures taken soon and her momma sent me her outfits and I customized a bow for each. I put each bow on one of my old dolls I used to play with ALL the time, just picture two cute little dark headed girls...not this ugly Lee Middleton doll they are
Okay...let me explain this bow. Laura has these GREAT heels for little miss ava ( they are called "Heelarious" and are SO stinkin cute. Anywho- they are fushisha in color so I made this black bow with fushisha peacock feathers attached. You really can't see the feathers that well, but boy its cute. She is putting her in black frilly bloomers with pearl necklaces and braclets- How stinkin cute will this 6 month old be! Ha

{Ava's first tutu}

{matching bow}{Emmery's Tutu and matching bow}{This will be worn with a leopard dress with a red A monogrammed on it}

{miss emmery's feather zebra bow}

I also made a bunch of daisy/ flower bows that are TOO cute. I actually sold some of them today before getting pictures of them!! Hope everyone had a great day! I'm just sitting back and enjoying the rain!

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