Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ahh.. I'm soo excited

So, after a week or two I finally got in contact with my first teacher I'll be interning with and I couldn't be more excited. I emailed her and she wrote back "just give me your number...and Ill call ya"- this is my kinda girl. We talked on the phone yesterday for about ten minutes and we were planning on going up to Root to put the finishing touches on her room...but she called back and her repair man was running really late and she wouldn't be able to make it. I can already tell I'm going to love her. I have heard from many teachers that she is an amazing person and even better teacher. Apparently, she's SO organized and very "with it". If you know me what so ever- I am a person of structure and it seems like we will get along great. I am really excited that I have her so I can see how she gets her classroom in order within the first few weeks of school! Ah.. I couldn't be more excited! I'm about to jump in the shower and await her phone call today. I'm really hoping she calls today and not tomorrow..because I've got a JAM PACKED schedule tomorrow. hailey is coming up this afternoon and we are preparing for her bridal portraits. I am really excited! It will be really weird to see her in her wedding dress that actually fits and isn't 15 sizes too big.
{insert my picture here..ha}

Well I better hop in the shower! WooWhoo for Thursday!!!

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