Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, today was my first full day of inservice and it wasn't as bad as expected. I literally sat in meetings from 8-4...and I know that sounds terrible- but it wasn't. My mom started back to the High School today and said "Ugh, wasn't it just terrible?" and I said "Well, you know what? I am SO used to sitting in class all day long and learning pointless theories that I know for the test, but two hours afterwards I couldn't tell you a dang thing (I know I'm a bad student, BUT honestly folks some of the undergraduate elementary ed. info is B-O-R-I-N-G). And every single topic that was covered today made sense to me and has a purpose for our school. It it crucial for me to understand this information to run my classroom successfully." So all in all- first day of full inservice was a total success. All of the teachers are super sweet and treat us "interns" as their peers and not students. I can tell they expect a lot from us and that is good! I'm really needing to pick out what I'm wearing tomorrow and iron it! hopefully talk to you soon (not making in promises) ;)

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  1. glad you had such a good time! its great that you get along so well with the other teachers. im sure you will look cute in all of your teacher clothes! see you tomorrow - or saturday!