Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday

Today is Steven's little sisters birthday, Emilie! She is 19 today and will be a sophomore in college this year. It is so crazy to me that I met her when she was a sophomore in high school and she is now grown to be one of the most beautiful little ladies I have ever met! She has grown up so much over the last four years, it seriously blows my mind. Em is like the little sister I ALWAYS wanted but never had. One of my favorite memories I have with Emilie is about this time last year when I was getting ready for my last RUSH and Emilie was my number one rushee!!! I was so excited because I had been looking forward to her going through FOREVER, but I was also very very very nervous because her two lovely aunts were Pi Phis and I knew they would loved for her to follow in their footsteps. I tried my hardest not to pressure her throughout the years (but hey, it was hard because that's all she heard about from me- she even stayed with me in the "Delta Shelta" a few about no pressure..HA HA. I know, I'm terrible) I literally couldn't wait for her to come to the Tri Delt house because I knew everyone would obsess over her (not only is she bubbly and fun- but freaking adorable!!!) After a loooong rush week...Little Miss Emilie was a DDD...and I was SOO excited! I knew how much she would love it and how many amazing friends she would make. This is a bond we will share the rest of our lives (this is saying I become her sister-in-law in a few years ;)) plus...if we have little girls they will hopefully carry on our tradition. She is moving into that great green house on Maple street on Saturday and I couldn't be more excited for her. I know how much fun is in store for her the next couple of years- actually I'm kind of jealous! I sometimes find myself going back to the years I lived in the house and just reminiscing about all of the amazing memories and friends I have made. I could not be more proud of the person Emilie has become and there is no telling what she will accomplish in her future. She is SO smart...snagging a 4.0 last semester- Who does that freshman year..I know right? ((these pictures are in chronological order..))
{Florida 2007)

{summer 2007)

{em's graduation}{Tri Delt Bid Day 2008}{lovin on stevie wonder}{bid day paaarrrttaaay}{first DDD function, Delta Airlines}{Each pledge class goes to a different destination. Freshmen went to the "Wild Wild West" and Seniors went to "Woodstock"}{halloween party at Steven's House, 2008){grandparents 50th anniversary party, 2008){hillary's graduation party}{Kenny Chesney Concert- this summer}

Anywho, just wanted to wish Emilie the best 19th birthday ever! We can't wait until she's back up here for the year! We love you so much and have a very happy birthday!!!


  1. what a sweet post. Its great that yall are so close. : )

  2. happy birthday emilie! and i JUST realized that i spelled her name wrong on the wedding invite :( sorry!!!!!