Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crazy, overwheleming, not relaxing AT ALL last weekend off

WOW WEE!! This was my last stinkin weekend off before i officially take the dive into my student teaching. My ideal plans were -laying out by the pool, loving on my favorite red head, eating some good food, shopping a little, getting my planner ready, laying out by the pool, and did i mention kissing and squeezing an adorable red head? WELLL... I should have known better- Hailey was coming in town and this wonderful schedule probably wasn't in the cards for me.... Now that you know what I wanted to do...heres the run down of how my weekend actually played out.
Thursday: Mom and I ran around (what seemed like) all day doing stuff for hailey- taking veils to be cleaned, picking up dresses, doing other little things...for some reason running errands really kicks my butt. All I want to do it come home and CRASH on the couch for a few hours...but thats what I did- for about 6.5 minutes. I then got the phone call from my teacher and went to meet her at Root to work for a few hours (great time), but I was whipped. Then went to Steff's (I sometimes refer to my sweet boyfriend as Steff, Steffy, or Stephanie (thats only the Stephanie renditions of his many nicknames- that may be a post of its own..hee) SO, I went to Steff's just to chill for about 15.5 minutes then we headed back to my parents house for dinner. This is when I got to snuggle, tickle, chase, and sing with that amazingly awesome red head (Check). Then it was off to bed because I was literally about to die and I knew friday would be ten times worse.
Friday: Mom, Hailey, and I headed to "Monogram It" in Springdale to get some stuff -monogrammed- (imagine that?). Im pretty excited because I bought this super cute black and white printed canvas bag for school that I got a big red H on it. I can't wait. Then we headed home and got prepared for the days events. Makeup sessions, hair do appointments, and photoshoots after photoshoots. I was excited because I finally got to meet the famous Dale and Meredith and let me tell ya - they both lived up to the hype everyone makes of them. They are SOOO fun and truly experts in their field. I told Dale I was going to go ahead and book him for my imaginary wedding day- HA! That'll really make Steve happy! Hee...we laughed. Then at about 830 we came back home to eat some dinner and GO TO BED. AH... we started running around at like 830 am.. Im about to pass out just thinking about it.
I got up bright and early hopped in the shower to get ready for hailey's first bridal shower. Blakers came over with some "pigs in a blanket" from Ricks (the girl knows the way to my heart, Im SO obsessed with them). We headed up to Springdale for the shower and it was a good time. I got to see a lot of my mom's friends that I haven't seen in quite sometime. It was nice to chat and catch up. I also got to spend the morning with my busy bff Hannie Banannie before she had to leave to go to Branson (she's ALWAYS on the go). Hailey got a ton of great stuff and the shower was really nice. We then went to get Blakely's flower girl dress.. she will be so pretty. I ended the night with Steven's parents over dinner from noodles. They are in town moving Emilie into the Tri Delt house.
Today, has been pretty laid back. Steven was golfing this weekend and ended up staying another night due to tire problems on his car? Ugh..:( Deek and I are pretty sad. Anywho, going to bed early today I have a big teacher filled day tomorrow- Can't wait...I'm going to pick out my outfit and iron it! Ha! Hope your weekend was great.


  1. Wow, you were a busy girl! Sounds like it was fun though!

  2. you were non stop girl! It was great to see you saturday!!

  3. you were a busy girl! thanks for all of your help. couldnt have gotten thru friday without you! and im glad you finally got to meet dale and mere too.