Sunday, July 5, 2009

Woo Wee.. Whata Weekend

Wow, this has been one heck of a weekend...very very relaxing, but very fun. One of my favorite things to do is lay out by my parent's pool, listen to country music, drink a fruity drink or two, and be with the ones I love...and that's exactly what I did this weekend. The only ones we were missing were Hail and Matt- they were having a fun time in St. Louis, so I guess we forgive them.
I thought the terrible weather was going to ruin my only weekend in Fayetteville this summer, but I was wrong. It rained and rained until late afternoon- which gave me the perfect reason to stay in the kitchen all morning and cook my little heart out- and boy did I. Mom was preparing to have friends over and I just wanted to bake some fourth of July goodies. I had previously baked my homemade chocolate chip cookies (thank you pioneer woman), and brought them over to my parents for their festivities, but that wasn't enough. Steven suggested I make the wonderful crawfish dip that my friend Morgan's mother makes and since we had a TON of leftover crawfish tails in the freezer from my graduation crawfish boil, I thought it was a great idea. It turned out to be a GREAT hit! I'll post the recipe is a MUST HAVE for any party. I had been talking on and off all day to one of my favorite friends Callie and she was making festive "cupcake pops" from the famous i was inspired. I didn't go through the whole making them look like cupcakes process...I dubbed mine "cakeballs". I did them in a hurry and just drizzled icing over them. They were so fun and very festive. We had a great time with my parents and their friends, but made it an early night. I had my little mind set on making it to church (see, when you're never in town- you never get to go to church). I love my church.. it makes me smile! Right after church we headed straight for 1445 (my parents house) and got our swimsuit on. What a perfect day with my parents, sis and BIL, my grandparents, stevie wonder, and the CUTEST/ SMARTEST child on the earth. I won't say much...I'll let my pictures do all of the talking. I'm off to pack my lunch and go to bed early- I'm officially a graduate student tomorrow-EEEEEK!!
{me with my creations}
{my "cake pops"- if cal had a blog, im sure her's would blow mine out of the water}{me and the absolute love of my life}{I'm so lucky to have her}{the next two are for Morgan- she gave B this cute doggie purse. She LOVES IT...thank you MO!!}{wow..look at that hair}{my little rockstar before she turned into a fish}{I have never in my life seen a 2 year old jump in and go all the way under}{see why i love her so?}{so excited to pick the first zucchini}{then she preceded to use it as a microphone to sing "The Climb" by her idol Miley Cirus}{I think she's hannah Montana would have to ask her :)}

Hope everyone had a great fourth of July!


  1. Awe, your creations look so good and great photos!

  2. seriously that little girl is the cuteset thing ever!!! that red hair! gosh! Also, your hair looks really cute like that.

    i am trying those cake pop deals for the next shower i throw

  3. OMG she is the cutest thing in the world and sassier than ever!

    her hair is getting so long! those cake pops look good! good job little susie homemaker. see you in two weeks!