Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up!!

Before I recap my fantastic weekend, I must announce the BEST news ever- I HAVE OFFICALLY FINISHED 6 HOURS OF GRAD SCHOOL. Today was my last day!! =) I couldn't be more excited and proud of what I can get accomplished in such a short period of time. We got out of school at noon and headed straight for La Huerta for lunch and two for one margaritas. It was nice to be able relax with my school friends and eat something besides a turkey sandwich. Tomorrow we are having a teacher pool party at my house! I can't wait! I'm getting up early to go to wal-mart with my momma to get some stuff to make dips and some other goodies. Ah.. its so nice to be reunited with my BFF- Spare time!! Woot Woot!
So for this weekend, I am not going to go into every single teeny tiny detail of the weekend. You can hit up Hailey or Tara's blog for the small details. I think my pictures will do most of the talkin'. As you will see from the pictures we had a really great time. We had fun time shopping, eating, drinking, swimming, laying out, drinking, eating, talking, getting ready...did I mention DRINKING? I'm really not a HUGE drinker these days, but I held my own this weekend. The pictures are pretty funny...I'll try and post some that the others haven't already.
{the cute table decorations}{the name tags I made}{Before Monica's}{Dinner at Monica's}{Hailey on stage with a tambourine}{The conga line around the restaurant- that ended with a tequila shot, no thanks}{all the girls}{the bride to be opening gifts}{ZaZa pool}{My view}{The girls sitting on our cool couch thing}{Before Sambuca}{kim, christy, hailey, tara}{Flirtini at Dragonfly}{Getting geared up for the night}{Sambuca...mmm}{Favorite picture of the weekend}{Tara REALLY wanted in the picture :)}{christy, me, tera}{the whole table}{typical}{dancing during dinner- so fun}{by the waterfall before heading to Lotus}{Hailey and I at Lotus}{best friends}As you can see from these pictures, we had a BLAST!! I think we accomplished our goal of throwing hailey the best bachelorette party she could have ever wanted.=) Hope your day was as great as mine!


  1. Awe, how sweet! Love the photos!

  2. omg love all the different photos you put up! you need to post those on fb immediately! please and thank you!

    congrats on being finished with school! WOO HOO!

  3. awww love all your pictures too! I had a blast! Congrats on being done with school! That is awesome!