Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Really Looking Forward to This Weekend

For those of you that follow my sister Hailey's blog, you know this weekend is her bachelorette party. At first, we thought it was going to be terrible timing because it is the weekend before my last week of school and I knew I would be pretty stressed. BUT.. lo and behold I think I have my school work pretty much under wraps..but now that I say that- it could rapidly change tomorrow. We shall see- BUT AS OF NOW...I am in dire need of a nice relaxing weekend. Although, I'm finding myself in a bit of a pickle- I have NOTHING but cute teachery clothes to wear. In a few years- this would be fine, but I am 22 and not technically ready to conform to going to a bachelorette party in a cute dress that goes below my knees. Nope, just not doing it. SO, I guess I'll try and figure something out. As of now, I am enjoying a night of having really not much to do. Finished one of my three hour course today (by turning in a 24 whooper of a paper) and now have four more days of my last 3 hours..yeee haw. Also, just cooked some din din for a sweet boy and now considering taking a sweet dog on a walk. Well I'll be leaving Friday morning to head to Hotel ZaZa in Dallas to hang out with Hailey and her frreee-anns. Well so long and fairwell!!

OH NO..WAIT... I totally forgot- I'll leave you with this..

I have a new friend...Meet Wart my pet Frog.
{he's so chubby}
He is quite possible the CUTEST thing EVER. It is SO neat. Every night right when it gets dark Wart hops up to Steven's backdoor of his patio and just sits there. If we open the door it goes over him just pefectly. We alway have the outside lights on so we're guessing its a great place to catch dinner. Wart has been living on Steven's back patio ALL summer and we've grown attached. I thought to myself last night..." cool would it be to see Wart eat a bug?" You know, like you see in the cartoons. The frog sticks his tounge out a few inches and SNATCHES the fly out of mid air right before your eyes. SO, ME- being the future elementary teacher that I am I grab a june bug and stick him right up to Wart's eyes...then I set the bug down...and just like I pictured SNNNNAAATTCH...and the rest is just history. Needless to say Wart won't be hungry for a while- I fed him every bug I could possibly find. Heee hee..


  1. you are such a cute teachery NERD!!! I hope you have so much fun this weekend! Love you!!!!!

  2. oh my! I love wart just because you do! I can see you tip toe-ing around snatching bugs for this thing! Love it!!
    btw. you always look cute! even when you are a teacher you wont look like a regular teacher!! no worries in that department!

  3. Have a great weekend!! I'm sure you'll find something cute to wear.

  4. haha i loved that you named him wart! See ya tmrw!!

  5. hope you had as much fun this weekend as i did! thanks for coming even though you were totally overwhelmed iwth all of your homework you could have been doing. love ya sis!