Thursday, July 9, 2009

WOO 9 More days

Tomorrow is Friday and it honestly can't get here soon enough. I don't really know if I have taken the time to explain why starting Grad school has been a killer... Well you see- When I signed up for classes in the spring I signed up for the second session July 6-August 6, 830-1..NO BIG DEAL. I figured everyday after class my teacher friends and I would hit up 1445, do some homework, lay out, have a marg or two or three =)...really actually kind of relaxing. THEN I got the dreaded email...instead of taking the 5 weeks to do teachers wanted to CRAM it ALL in in 13 days. 13 days my friends- from 8-4. The SAME work load as a 5 week session... and that is why I got assigned a 10 page paper on Tuesday and it was due Thursday..NO FUN! I thought I might like the idea of this..but I was wrong. Steven (the sweetest boyfriend ever) keeps reminding me that it is almost done and he will help me with whatever I need. How nice! I am so lucky to have some very smart and extremely fun teacher friends that I get to spend every waking moment that- I am enjoying. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!
{one of my sweet teacher friends, Alyson}
I hope everyone has a great Friday.. I know I will be SOOOO happy when that clock hits 4! =)


  1. that sounds horrible! but at least you only have 9 days left.

    in one week you will be here in dallas relaxing the whole time! im excited to see you!

  2. I just found your blog!!! AHHH sooo cute! I loved reading about what I am going to be doing Next summer!! UGHH!!! Stress! At least it is almost done and we need to get together sometime and talk elementary! hahahaha I miss seeing all you guys and I hope yall are doing well!