Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Break From the Books..

I interrupt this intense studying session to bring you the greatest news I've gotten since I started this stomach ulcer/acne mess that my teachers call "Grad School" to introduce one of my very best friend's blog.. Callie! AH.. i can't tell you how excited I am that she has a blog now. Not only is she THE most sarcastic, funny, SMART (she's in pharmacy school..duh), Martha Jr, great advice giver, did I mention hilarious?? Ah.. well honestly this blog WILL make you laugh. She is a freaking hoot! Callie and I met our senior year in high school( ok..you know you're old when you have to specify what "senior year") at Greeek Weeeekend- I knew we would be lifelong friends because we pretty much have the same sense of humor and Im pretty sad that she is moving to Little Rock to go to UAMS...hints UAMessing It Up..Haa. My ingenious boyfriend came up with the name..heee. But ANYWHO...this will be a great way to keep up with her over the next year as we adjust from being apart! :( She's moving in with her lifelong best friend...and mine too Little Morgan- yall have heard a lot about her! Well yall need to check out Callie's blog because its a guaranteed laugh and plus she's an AWESOME cook and does some really neat things! YAY Cal! Welcome to the blog world!! Now we just have to convert those other two!! :)
{haa... this is nice}{memphis for 2009}
{cal, mo, me}
{st pattys day on the beach- shall we go back?}
I must get back to the 24 page paper that I am editing...oh yeah and that test I'm "studying" for..
Only 6 more days! Woop Woop

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  1. i will def start following her blog! cute pics. now get your work done that is due monday so you can relax with us all weekend!! youre doing great hill - just a few more days! you can do it!