Monday, July 27, 2009

A Birthday Bash

I apologize for the blogging hiatus. As I have reunited with my best friend Spare Time, sadly enough- Ive really had nothing to blog about. I don't think think yall would find sitting on my butt watching TV or sitting on my butt in a lawn chair the LEAST bit entertaining.. so after my family filled weekend I have a lot to talk about. Steven and I loaded up Deek and Penny Poo Girl and headed to Little Rock on Friday afternoon. Why is Penny Poo Girl along for the trip you ask? Oh.. you know- my parents are in Maine for 9 days and Steven and I will be house/ dog sitting. Anywho- the whole reason for our trip this weekend was for Steven's sweet MiMi's birthday and we were having a birthday bash for her. Some of my favorite cousins were coming to Little Rock all the way from Louisiana for MiMi's celebration. I have been looking forward to this WAAY before summer school started. Let me explain my excitement...there are two sweet little girls coming from Louisiana as well- one of which I haven't even met...whew I could barely stand myself. Steven's cousins Laura and Josh had baby girls 11 months apart...and they are SO stinking sweet. Josh's little girl is Emmery(16 months) and Laura's chubby little girl is Ava (5 months). Okay...back to Mimi's party. Steven and I got up pretty early on Saturday morning because I was making Heather's famous fruit pizza (recipe soon to follow) and HAD to go to the Little Rock Farmers Market to get some home grown Arkansas goodies to go with. We headed downtown about 9:30 to pick up some peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and the most gorgeous sunflowers for the birthday girl. The the Louisiana crew rolled into to town about noon and the party began. It is so funny to see all of them with little ones. When we first met they were all just getting married! Wow.. how the time flies. David and Laura(Ava's precious parents) own a few restaurants in LA and ALWAYS bring some delicious food for us to eat. They came bearing ribs and the biggest beef tenderloin I'd ever was SO great. We ate, drank, played with the little ones ( I was in heaven), talked and celebrated Mimi's big day. For dessert we had my fruit pizza (which was a hit BTW) and some awesome cupcakes from this new cupcake joint in the Heights. I truly love Steven's family and very rarely get to spend time with all of them. They are the most loving and FUN group of people to be around. Steven is so blessed to have grown up with this great fam! Overall, we had a great weekend and I actually gained a purpose for this week: To make Emmery and Ava some BIG Arkansas bows and some Tutus. Gotta get on it because Miss Ava's 6th month photo shoot is right around the corner!:) Hope everyone had a great weekend! And sorry I took 9.4 million pictures this weekend.

{The birthday girl}{MiMi and Steven}
{mmmm}{Emmery with her beautiful momma}{Emmery says WOO PIG!! LSU who momma???}{Baby Ava...her eyes are breath taking}{happy to be sitting in Steven's lap}{Mimi, Josh, and Emmery}{Ava with her beautiful momma}{Little Sassy Thing}

Happy birthday Mimi..hope you had a great day!


  1. omg cute pics! glad yall had a good weekend and glad penny got to tag along. little freak show that she is!

  2. Happy birthday to you Mimi! CUTE pics!

  3. yay yay! i'm glad you have updated. I miss you Hill!!!!