Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Im here..barely

Just wanted to let yall know Im not dead due to Grad School... although I am SO TIRED. I have been going non stop today. My day today 8-4 was spent doing research for a Literature Review on the effects of poverty and children. And I thought it was going to be an easy topic- i was wrong. Off to read and cite...good knowing ya!

{im hating literature reviews}


  1. that sounds pretty miserable - but i know you will do a great job at whatever you do.

    good luck!

  2. oh gosh girl! I cant imagine

    just think though you will be in dallas next weekend having a great time!

  3. I just stumbled on to your blog from your sisters and wanted to wish you luck with your classes! It's going to be hard and time consuming, bit it will be over and worth it in the end! Hand in there.