Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon +4 and Kate +4???

For those of you who aren’t addicted to Jon and Kate plus 8 and for those of you who are sick of hearing about them… please move on to your next favorite blog (ha..hailey that is for you). I have been watching this show since the moment it came on TV as a documentary when the teeny weeny sextuplets were born ( they turned 5 on May 10 WOW). I truly feel like I know these children...ha its weird. I blame it on the teacher in me…I’m pretty obsessed with it! Anyway, the season 5 premiered Monday night and left me feeling very upset. There are so many speculations and accusations that I can barely keep up with everything that is going on. All I know is that, Jon and Kate interviewed only ONCE together (which is WEIRD, they always talk together during the shows), Kate planned and prepared the birthday party by herself because Jon needed a “weekend off" I'm sorry Jon, you’re a dad…that doesn’t come with paid vacays?, reluctantly he did show up to the party in a two door sports car- mid- life crisis? You have 8 kids- I don’t deem that necessary, anywho, he did show up and the two parents barely spoke. Tear. Many people may pick Kate apart for being mean or crabby to Jon, but really never know how you would act if you had six 5 year olds and two 8 year olds. Gee Whiz! I do think she can be snappy and grouchy at times, but I would be too! As you can tell, I may picking sides but Im not a huge fan of infidelity (uh um.. jon). It just really breaks my heart to see such a large family being torn apart. I just don’t understand- how can you get a divorce with 8 kids…is that possible. Jon will go bankrupt paying child support! Whew! Well that’s all for now.. I’ve gotta go catch Ryan Secrest to see what E! News says about my family of 10!
Hope you had a great hump day


  1. Girl! Completely agree! Jon needs to get it together and I would be a TOTAL biotch if i gave birth to 8 kiddos! I can't even keep myself together some days!

  2. i am pretty sick of hearing about it - but thats not going to stop me from DVRing the special this friday on E!

    i dont watch the show - but i completely agree - kate is doing the best she can with the hand she was dealt. you can always be happy and smiley with 8 kinds under the age of 10 running around. its just not possible!