Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday my sister called me pretty excited because she knew my FAVORITE little singer in the world Taylor Swift also known to me as Tay Tay will be in Dallas September 25! If you haven't bought or downloaded her new CD Fearless you are missing out!! I am a HUGE fan of her and have already met and seen her my sophomore year, but I HAVE to see her again. I mean I used to be a huge fan of Rascal Flatts and I met them once and saw then 6 times! Ha.. But anyway! Tickets went on sale this morning at 10 and due to my sleeping in I didn't get online to buy them until 1045 and they are SOLD OUT? Well, honestly they may not be sold out but I sure as heck can't get through on the tickmaster website. So I think to myself.. Uh.. Stubhub. com, surely they'll have some. Maybe a teeny more expensive, but she's worth it. She is NOT worth $1,995 smokes for ONE ticket..ha! Hopefully the website is just busy and maybe I'll be able to get some soon!!! Well I'm off to Little Rock for the night and then to Lake Hamiliton on Saturday to spend the weekend with my best friends!!! Can't wait! Be safe and enjoy your weekend!!


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  1. im still in the hunt for some tickets for you! we will find some - no worries.