Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are no longer a family of three

I'd like you to meet Ernie, the newest edition to our sweet little family! He is a 2 pound 10 week old Chorkie. For those of you unaware of "hybrid" little dogs, let me explain. Ernie's mama was Yorkie and his daddy was a Chihuahua. So, there ya have it "Chorkie". I've been wanting a little dog for quite some time. What better time than now? Right? heehee. We got him last week and couldn't be more happy and excited to be raising this little guy!!! He has such a fun personality. He is SUCH a ball of energy, but he also sleeps A LOT. Here are a few pictures from his first week.
{Welll hello there!}

{Ernie loving his new bed and blankey}

{exploring by the creek in our backyard}{sratching on his ever so hated collar}{laying in the "tall" grass- it was just mowed}{running wild}{chewin a stick}{as for this guy? he's wrapped around his little paw}{as for this guy??? Momma and daddy stilll adore and dote on him A LOT. He likes his little brother, but is unsure of his size}

More pictures to come very very soon!!! Hope everyone had a productive and safe Tuesday!!!


  1. I LOVE HIM! I was just thinking earlier today about when I will get to see you again my friend?!?! I want to see you and meet this sweet baby ASAP

  2. OMG!!!!!! so cute! so now you need to get a pic of the dogs together!!