Monday, July 5, 2010

My Festive Weekend in Pictures

Our Fourth of July was filled with food and family!! It was a blast and Ive managed to not get a single picture of ANYONE except Blakely (which, if you know me- you would know I am 110% alright with that). Well I'll stop rambling and let the pictures do the talkin'.
{she's been waiting all summer for the PERFECT time to pick mom's tomatoes}

{she was so excited }{we did some swimmin'}{some dancin'}{some story tellin'}{some more singin'}{she is hysterical}{singing Justin Bieber if I had to guess}{love that smile, melts my heart}

I really hope your holiday a fun as mine was!!! Today my mom and I just layed around while Steven and my dad went golfing!!! Remember! Come back for a sweet little announcement!!!!!

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  1. she is such a doll face! and im eager to know this annoucement!