Friday, July 2, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Wells

Last weekend we traveled all the way to Jonesboro to see our friends Hilary and Robert get hitched. It was pretty fun because it was the first wedding that ALL of my best college friends would be able to come to one wedding and celebrate. The wedding was beautiful and we again, could not be more excited for our two friends!!! Here are some pictures from the wedding.
{mo, me, and kk at mo's house before the wedding}{the whole group minus a few}
{Steven and I before the wedding} {beth and me}
{kk, jac, and me}{me and Bone}
{best friends}{at the reception}{steven and his fraternity "big brother" Joe}{me with my sorority "big sister" Whitney}{cal, hil, and hill. She was absolutely stunning and so happy}{steven, Robert, and bone}
{a little after party, we were wooorn out!!!!}

Another successful wedding where we gathered many ideas and much advice for our coming day! Hilary and Robert are still on their honeymoon....ahhh!! Can't wait!!!!

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