Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi... My name is Hillary

I am BACK, with Masters degree in tow!!!! I cannot explain how amazing it feels to be back to my "normal" (I hate that word) but really... my real non-stressed self! I LOVE it! As much as I couldn't wait until I was free from "working"- I have eaten my words. I have been subbing every single day since my internship was over. It has been great experience for me... and its a novel idea - BEING PAID FOR THE WORK I'M DOING- WOW now that's the best thing I've ever heard. As much as I have adored the last year, it was hard to go day in and day out without getting a single penny for the hard work. But, hopefully all of that hard work will pay off with a job! I've had a few interviews and now its just a waiting game. The teacher hiring process is a long one and one that doesn't occur until later in the summer. So, for now, I'm just praying that God will teach me a few lessons through this: TRUST and PATIENCE. If you could keep my in your thoughts and prayers over the next few months which I'm sure will be pretty trying.
On a MUCH happier note, for the first time since December I've actually got to enjoy really being "engaged". I've been so overwhelmed with school and my internship that I have completely neglected my wedding! But...its on now! I'm currently just SO obsessed (even more so then normal) about working with the BEST photographers in the world, Dale and (soon to be) Meredith Benfield. Ahh... every time I stalk their website it just give me chills! I CANNOT wait until they are taking our pictures...eeek!
I'll leave you with some images from my new found "life" lately....

{my loves}{the best day ever!!!}


{celebrating our accomplishments with the fam}

So... there ya have it! I appolize for not blogging for the last year, but believe me- I'M BACK and I'll be better than ever. I do appreciate you guys thinking positive thoughts for me in the job area!! Talk to ya soon!!


  1. Congrats!!! Hopefully you will get a job teaching!! :)

  2. oh lord...let the wedding planning begin.

  3. So happy for you and congrats! Question: Do you have a daughter?

  4. Congrats on graduating! Good luck with the job hunt :)