Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Oh. my. goodness. gracious. There is indeed LIGHT at the end of this tunnel I've called life for the last year. About three weeks ago I turned in my 156 page thesis (AKA my child). BUT... Monday moring at 8:00 I'll be in need of some prayers! I'll be defending my thesis in front of an audience...eeek!! I'm pretty calm, cool, and collected as of now.. but I'll be getting nervous Sunday night until I finish at 8:45! BUT.. guess what?? This is what will be waiting for me when I finish:

MY LIFE!!!!!
(insert me jumping up and down and smiling as BIG as humanly possible)

{my rock, my best friend, um the reason I kept it together for the last year}

{my little ray of sunshine}

{my amazing family and my personal support group}

{ah...a well deserved drink with my...}


Oh how I can't wait to reunite with the finer things in life! I have to give the most thanks to God for getting me through all of this. I've figured he's gotten me this far, surely he'll help me out on Monday!!

LIFE I'LL SEE YOU MODAY MORNING AT 8:45!!! Couldn't be more thrilled.


  1. Congrats Hillary! I know you will do awesome and I know your Thesis kicks major booty! : ) Let me know where you will be having this celebratory drink! I would love to join! Good Luck (even though you dont need it!) Lots of hugs and prayers!

  2. Good luck! I'm sure you will do great!! :)

  3. I bet you will blow them away!! Good luck girl!