Monday, February 22, 2010

why do you love me today?

Instead of doing my homework, I'll share my latest. For the last 4.5 years I always ask Steven "tell me something you love about me?" Lately I've started telling steven something I loved about him that day....not something I've loved about him for 4.5 years, but something today! It makes us stop and think of something one of us did or said that day that made us happy or smile! Sounds cheesy, but you should give it a try. Today I loved Steven because I was sick at work and he hugged me for a looong time and cooked me dinner! He loved me today because I smelled good (not sure how bc Im sick...but still its the thought that counts right??) I love Steven every minute of everyday, but its nice to hear a different reason everyday! XOXO
{i love him}

Thanks to the OH so talented Dale and Meredith for these pics! Hope everyone has a fantastic week! Hopefully I'll get the stamina to post some more this week! Love....


  1. I really like that idea of thinking of something you love about him each day. I'll try that for sure!

  2. Awe, what a great thing! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I just found your blog through Kelly's McLinky. Hope you feel better soon! Love the pics!