Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Days

Yippie! I've had TWO, yes TWO snow days this week! Monday is when I have class at the UofA (which still held classes), but my professor lives in MO and didn't want to risk the weather later on in the day. CHA-CHING- Snow day for me. I was ready for school today, but it was called off due to a layer of ice on the roads (yes, please)..hee I'm such a child. I've have completely enjoyed/soaked up every minute of the last two days! Since Steven is still in school finishing up a minor, we really enjoyed our lazy days off together. We were thinking these might be the last "snow days" we acutally get to have together...we all know that my snow days will never cease, but a civil engineer doesn't get snow days! HAAA... I love it! Anywho, Monday morning I made a huge pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup, the perfect thing for a snowy day. Then Steven, Deek, and I suited up and headed to the slopes. Steven lives on a golf course with a HUGE hill...we had such a great time! I really enjoyed hanging out with the two of them and not being on a constant schedule!
{look how beautiful..not us silly..the snow ;)}

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow as much as we did! Stay warm and have a great week...just in case you didn't know tomorrow is my Monday..heehee!!!


  1. Snow days are the best! We had one the week before last. There is nothing like just relaxing. :)


  2. So pretty!!! Glad you're getting a well deserved break from your busy schedule! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Found your blog through Mrs. Gibby! ;) LOVE your header! Congrats! Excited to be following! xoe