Tuesday, January 12, 2010

VOTE-VOTE-VOTE...Pretty please

Hello All! I hope your Tuesday was wonderful! The weather was SO pretty here in Fayetteville that my kiddos got to play outside for the first time in.. well I honestly can't remember when. It was a very nice treat for our kids as well as us! ANYWHO... I'm coming to ask you a BIG favor.. you see- my older sister Hailey has been nominated several times by our photographer Dale Benfield. He holds an award show for all of his brides and Hailey just happens to be nominated for 5.. you heard me...5 categories (if you've seen her pictures it shouldn't suprise you! They are phenominal). She and I both would just be tickled pink if she won at least one category...so if you would be so kind as take a few mins to vote for my beautiful sissy! Here are the links! The voting ends the 15th so please cast your vote for Hailey!!! thank you so much!!!!!
{isn't she gorg?}

Here are the links:

for best bridal portrait:http://bennyawards.com/?page_id=3

for best dance performance:http://bennyawards.com/?page_id=18

for best wedding design:http://bennyawards.com/?page_id=35

for best leading lady:http://bennyawards.com/?page_id=46

Or you could just go to http://bennyawards.com

Thank you so so much!!!


  1. I already voted for her!!! Love Love Love her pics!!! I can't wait to see you at the Benny awards dear! Love you!

  2. oh thank you hill for posting this! you are too sweet. and thanks lauren for voting! see you at the bennys too!

  3. such sweet sisters : ) You know I voted

  4. Hey Hillary, I nominated you for an award on my blog - I hope you decide to play along!
    (sorry, I didn't see an email address on here so I couldn't shoot you an email!)