Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some exciting news..

I know, I know- I NEVER blog anymore.. I hate hate that, but I have been a pretty busy girl here lately. If you read a few posts down (2 to be exact) you would have known that I was SO SO excited about spending Christmas with Steven this year! I couldn't wait until the 23rd when he was finally in Fayetteville to begin our Christmas festivities. We had such an agenda for the next week, but I couldn't have been more excited. Our Christmas celebrating started with a romantic dinner at Bordino's the night Steven got into town. We had reservations at 7, but before Steven had mentioned wanting to walk around the square to look at the beautiful lights (something I have been wanting to do for fiiiiive years now...)anywho- as we left for the square it started POURING down rain and I told Steven that it really wasn't that big of a deal to not look at the lights before dinner, but he insisted and pulled out his big umbrella and we headed to the square. The square was absolutely DEAD....not a soul in sight, but then I see Dale Benfield photographing a couple in the rain.... I then said to Steven "Wow...theres a stupid couple just like us walking around the square in the rain".
{the "other" couple}
Steven then told me to turn around and I thought we were going home, he took me up some stairs and got down on one knee (insert me FREAKING here). He said some extremly sweet things and I was so excited and in such disbelief that I really don't remember much of anything he said! The rest is just history....

{checking out my ring}{realizing that steven was the guy dale is talking about here}{sooo happy}{terrible iphone picture- but.. it is SOO pretty}BUT- the most amazing part of our engagement was the fact that Steven gotten ahold of Dale to photograph the whole thing. I am so thankful for the pictures because they seriously capture our special moment perfectly and I will always have them remember our engagement.

After I called all of my friends we then went to Bordino's to be suprised (yet again). Steven had arranged for both of our families and my two closest friends to be there to celebrate with us! I honestly could not ask for a more perfect engagement. I am the luckiest and quite possibly the happiest girl in the world!

A special shout out to Dale Benfield for being one of the most thoughtful, caring, and giving (just to name a few) people that we know! The pictures are just breathtaking and give me chills everytime I look at them! We are SO beyond excited to work with you and your sweet fiance for the next...well LONG time until our big day! Thank you so much again!

Also, thank you to all of our wonderful and supportive family and friends who helped sweet little Steven make our day so special! We love you all so very much!!!


  1. Congrats!! Love the pictures and that ring! wowza! Hope your having a great day! = )

  2. WOOOP WOOPP!!! I'm beyond excited for you Hill!... Your pictures give me heart flutters too! Congrats, congrats!!

  3. Congratulations!!!! How exciting!!!! Happy Planning! It's so much fun!!

  4. Yay!! I was HONORED to be a part of this, Hill!

  5. Gorgeous ring! I'm so jealous your friends planned to have your photographer there! I hope mine are that thoughtful when the mister decides to pop the questions!!