Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Highlight of my day...

So, I'm not going to lie. I've had a pretty terrible, horrible, no good, very bad do today. For starters, I forgot my lunch at home, THEN it was flu shot day at Root Elementary and Hillary forgot her insurance card, OH and while we're on the topic of FLU SHOTS- 22 five year olds receiving shots is NOT my idea of a great day! Let me tell you!! Ha.. my day started out pretty terrible, BUT my amazing boyfriend brought me something yummy to eat for lunch, my dad emailed me my insurance information, and I had a pretty darn good day with my little kiddos. BUT... I get home and I begin to read my blogs as I unwind and enjoy 25 or 30 minutes of complete silence. I get to Hailey's (my sister's) blog and about wet my pants. HA... hailey and matt had their first thanksgiving this year. HA... I really can't stop laughing. She didn't know that a pumpkin pie had to bake? Oh mee oh my! You gotta love Hailey! I haven't really heard the whole story, but from what I read made my day! Thanks Hail!

While I'm blogging I might as well give you a little update on my life! Thanksgiving was great! I have so much to be thankful for this year! I spent it with Steven's family because he's spending Christmas with me this year YIPPIE! Out of five Christmases together, this will be our very first! I'm really excited! Kindergarten is going great! I'm really getting the hang of the little kiddos! For the next three weeks we'll be learning all about Holidays around the world- How fun!? School has slowed down a bit, but I'm still working pretty hard to wrap up my last assignments before next week! Blakely is growing like a little weed. She's no longer my little baby, she's a big girl now! She's such a doll. I'm cherishing every moment I spend with her because I know she won't be at this sweet/hilarious stage for long! Well I hope all is well with you! I hope to be blogger more over the holidays due to lighter work load- although I have homework assignments over Christmas! Happy Wednesday!


  1. omg i DIED laughing when i read the pumpkin pie tid bit on haileys blog too! Love her : ) Glad your bad day got turned upside down! Hope to see you this holiday season lady!

  2. Hill, Welcome back kido!! I have missed your little updates! Ok, I must say! I read about the pie before I read your blog and I was laughing so hard!.. Bless her sweet heart.. That is just hilarious! I hope life is great. I know you are worn out, but enjoy every minute of it. I look back on my internship and REALLY miss it and think about the kids all the time! Visit us in this blogging world more, but we do understand!

  3. well hardy har har! im glad you got a kick out of my stupid pie story. ill have to give you more details over christmas. cant believe its less than 2 weeks away. i bet you are looking forward to a break from work and from school.

    see ya soon!